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  1. Photo of Wolf Rilla

    Wolf Rilla Director

  2. Photo of Joan Scott

    Joan Scott Screenplay

  3. Photo of W.R. Burnett

    W.R. Burnett Screenplay

  4. Photo of George Sanders

    George Sanders Cast

  5. Photo of Richard Johnson

    Richard Johnson Cast

  6. Photo of Faten Hamama

    Faten Hamama Cast

  7. Photo of John Meillon

    John Meillon Cast

  8. Photo of Ahmed Mazhar

    Ahmed Mazhar Cast

  9. Photo of Eric Pohlmann

    Eric Pohlmann Cast

  10. Photo of Walter Rilla

    Walter Rilla Cast

  11. Photo of Kamal Al-Shennawi

    Kamal Al-Shennawi Cast

  12. Photo of Salah Nazmi

    Salah Nazmi Cast

  13. Photo of Chewikar

    Chewikar Cast

  14. Photo of Mona

    Mona Cast

  15. Photo of Abdel Khalek Saleh

    Abdel Khalek Saleh Cast

  16. Photo of Said Abu Bakr

    Said Abu Bakr Cast

  17. Photo of Salah Mansour

    Salah Mansour Cast

  18. Photo of Mohamed El Sayed

    Mohamed El Sayed Cast

  19. Photo of Youssef Chaban

    Youssef Chaban Cast

  20. Photo of Ezzat El Alaili

    Ezzat El Alaili Cast

  21. Photo of Mohamed Abdel Rahman

    Mohamed Abdel Rahman Cast

  22. Photo of Desmond Dickinson

    Desmond Dickinson Cinematography

  23. Photo of Kenneth V. Jones

    Kenneth V. Jones Music

  24. Photo of Maher Abdel Nour

    Maher Abdel Nour Production Design

  25. Photo of Ivan King

    Ivan King Production Design

  26. Photo of Ronald Kinnoch

    Ronald Kinnoch Producer

  27. Photo of Lawrence P. Bachmann

    Lawrence P. Bachmann Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Bernard Gribble

    Bernard Gribble Editing