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  1. Photo of Youssef Chahine

    Youssef Chahine Director and Cast

  2. Photo of Abdel Hay Adib

    Abdel Hay Adib Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mohamed Abu Youssef

    Mohamed Abu Youssef Screenplay

  4. Photo of Farid Shawqi

    Farid Shawqi Cast

  5. Photo of Hind Rostom

    Hind Rostom Cast

  6. Photo of Hassan el Baroudi

    Hassan el Baroudi Cast

  7. Photo of Abdel Aziz Khalil

    Abdel Aziz Khalil Cast

  8. Photo of Naima Wasfy

    Naima Wasfy Cast

  9. Photo of Said Khalil

    Said Khalil Cast

  10. Photo of Abdel Ghani Nagdi

    Abdel Ghani Nagdi Cast

  11. Photo of Loutfi El Hakim

    Loutfi El Hakim Cast

  12. Photo of Abdel Hamid Bodaoha

    Abdel Hamid Bodaoha Cast

  13. Photo of F. El Demerdache

    F. El Demerdache Cast

  14. Photo of Said El Araby

    Said El Araby Cast

  15. Photo of Ahmed Abaza

    Ahmed Abaza Cast

  16. Photo of Hana Abdel Fattah

    Hana Abdel Fattah Cast

  17. Photo of Safia Sarwat

    Safia Sarwat Cast

  18. Photo of Asaad Kellada

    Asaad Kellada Cast

  19. Photo of Sherine

    Sherine Cast

  20. Photo of Soheir

    Soheir Cast

  21. Photo of Esmat Mahmoud

    Esmat Mahmoud Cast

  22. Photo of Nawal Morsi

    Nawal Morsi Cast

  23. Photo of Alevise Orfanelli

    Alevise Orfanelli Cinematography

  24. Photo of Fouad El-Zahry

    Fouad El-Zahry Music

  25. Photo of Gabriel Karraze

    Gabriel Karraze Production Design

  26. Photo of Gabriel Talhami

    Gabriel Talhami Producer

  27. Photo of Kamal Abul Ela

    Kamal Abul Ela Editing

  28. Photo of Aziz Fadel

    Aziz Fadel Sound