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Ratings & Reviews

  1. F/K's rating of the film Cairo Time

    Didn't expect this to be well made, but my expectations turned out wrong, which i'm very glad that happened. This is a very solid and great film filled with great chemistry, believable characters, good writing and some pretty great shots too. It's a bit rough around the edges, but i didn't find it too distracting. I wish more Arabic films can take notes from this film.

  2. Vi's rating of the film Cairo Time

    Sehr liebevoll gemacht. Zu den Unterstützern zählt auch Atom Egoyan.

  3. RadiantFlux's rating of the film Cairo Time

    Lovely romance set in Cairo. The city I remember for a decade ago where I had my honeymoon was a lot dirtier, poor and in your face, but the film certainly managed to capture the romance of the city.

  4. caprivi76's rating of the film Cairo Time

  5. vanners's rating of the film Cairo Time

    Haven't seen yet, but preview screamed "thinking woman's sex and the city 2." Looking forward.

  6. eric gould's rating of the film Cairo Time

    Egypt shimmers in Cairo Time. Cairo's sprawling bustle ebbs like a desert oasis in a romantic tryst that quietly develops between Juliette and Taureq her husband's guide and a cafe owner. Juliette arrives like gentle breeze to an unfamiliar place filled with soulful song from Umm Kulthum and a muezzin's call to prayer. Her absent husband working remotely kindles a new spark. Both Clarkson and Siddig shine in film.

  7. Brian Padian's rating of the film Cairo Time

  8. pluviosity's rating of the film Cairo Time

    The story could easily slipped into a Harlequin type of romance, but thank goodness it survived.

  9. Sancar Seckiner's rating of the film Cairo Time

    I am one of Patricia Clarkson's fans.

  10. Richard Vialet's rating of the film Cairo Time

    Elegant and assured. Great movie; I really enjoyed it.

  11. earman's rating of the film Cairo Time

    Majestic and hopelessly romantic. Patricia Clarkson, Alexander Siddig and the city of Cairo are quite seductive in this beautifully filmed romantic triangle.

  12. FailedImitator's rating of the film Cairo Time

    It's like Lost in Translation by a less competent director. Ruba Nadda tells Cairo Time like a tourist, which has its perks, but ultimately, it's clear that she doesn't know very much about Cairo. It's almost laughable how inaccurate some of the things she makes Tariq say are. Nevertheless, this is worth it for the performances of Clarkson & Siddig. The photography isn't half-bad either.

  13. msbluesky's rating of the film Cairo Time

    Quite an experience. At times reminiscent of Lost in Translation, but also quite different and unique. Beautiful shots. Great acting.

  14. Dianah McDonald's rating of the film Cairo Time

    Even though I saw this months ago, it sticks in my head. While the story is a little weak, the cinematography is gorgeous, Alexander Siddig is mesmerizing, and the score is divine. I always warn people to not think in terms of typical Hollywood style romances when watching this. It works best on a symbolic level.

  15. MichaelBarry's rating of the film Cairo Time

    the score is a piece of heaven.

  16. Nutter Jr's rating of the film Cairo Time

    Cairo is a city full of diversity, full of culture, full of life...The film manages to bring the city as an important character and depicted it as beautiful as it can be. Clarkson and Siddig as well as the photography are great but the story did not sweep me off my feet. It is a movie I would have preferred to watch with my baby in my arms.

  17. Brandon Isaacson's rating of the film Cairo Time

    A really strong and interesting film. Coming in I had expectations of something generic but I wanted to see Patricia Clarkson in a leading role. I was damn surprised to find this to be a subtly and eloquently beautiful film. Stand-outs: Cinematography, directing, Patricia Clarkson. I recommend it to anyone looking for a light but beautiful and interesting story.