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  1. Photo of Tinto Brass

    Tinto Brass Director

  2. Photo of Gore Vidal

    Gore Vidal Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bob Guccione

    Bob Guccione Screenplay and Producer

  4. Photo of Giancarlo Lui

    Giancarlo Lui Screenplay

  5. Photo of Malcolm McDowell

    Malcolm McDowell Cast

  6. Photo of Teresa Ann Savoy

    Teresa Ann Savoy Cast

  7. Photo of Helen Mirren

    Helen Mirren Cast

  8. Photo of John Gielgud

    John Gielgud Cast

  9. Photo of Peter O'Toole

    Peter O'Toole Cast

  10. Photo of John Steiner

    John Steiner Cast

  11. Photo of Paolo Bonacelli

    Paolo Bonacelli Cast

  12. Photo of Giancarlo Badessi

    Giancarlo Badessi Cast

  13. Photo of Adriana Asti

    Adriana Asti Cast

  14. Photo of Leopoldo Trieste

    Leopoldo Trieste Cast

  15. Photo of Guido Mannari

    Guido Mannari Cast

  16. Photo of Mirella D'Angelo

    Mirella D'Angelo Cast

  17. Photo of Rick Parets

    Rick Parets Cast

  18. Photo of Paula Mitchell

    Paula Mitchell Cast

  19. Photo of Osiride Pevarello

    Osiride Pevarello Cast

  20. Photo of Donato Placido

    Donato Placido Cast

  21. Photo of Anneka Di Lorenzo

    Anneka Di Lorenzo Cast

  22. Photo of Lori Wagner

    Lori Wagner Cast

  23. Photo of Silvano Ippoliti

    Silvano Ippoliti Cinematography

  24. Photo of Bruno Nicolai

    Bruno Nicolai Music

  25. Photo of Renzo Rossellini

    Renzo Rossellini Music

  26. Photo of Franco Rossellini

    Franco Rossellini Producer and Screenplay

  27. Photo of Jack H. Silverman

    Jack H. Silverman Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Nino Baragli

    Nino Baragli Editing

  29. Photo of Enzo Micarelli

    Enzo Micarelli Editing

  30. Photo of Russell Lloyd

    Russell Lloyd Editing

  31. Photo of Winston Ryder

    Winston Ryder Sound

  32. Photo of Danilo Donati

    Danilo Donati Costume Design and Production Design