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  1. Django's rating of the film Caligula

    An absolute execrable outing by vulgarians who possessed nothing but a fat enough wallet to seduce talented artists to wallow in their bad taste. One would be hard pressed, in this two and a half hour debacle, to find one frame of film that held any merit be it dramatic, erotic, or cinematic.

  2. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Caligula

    A supposed attempt to explore the further shores of carnal and political excess - with the boat capsizing on the way. A dire warning that a stranded assemblage of talent alone does not coalesce anything: here just a vulgar display of waste (oh, the irony). Falling to the wrong side of bad taste maroons this neither with the satiric I, Claudius or even the camp pomp of de Mille. A curious orphan and a monstrous bore.

  3. andyking's rating of the film Caligula

    If you can overlook the often cheesy dialogue and sloppy editing, the prolonged and pointless sex scenes, then watch it for the set design alone - extravagant, unashamedly kitsch, bodies used as props. I never thought I would ever screenshot a man-powered head-chopping device and use it as a desktop background, but that's what happened.

  4. Jugu Abraham's rating of the film Caligula

    It has to be seen first as a Gore Vidal product. The opening quote from the Bible: Mark 8:36 need to be understood. Much of what is shown in the film is not far removed from Edward Gibbon's written work "The Decline and the fall of the Roman Empire." A great cast: McDowell, O'Toole, Gielgud, and Helen Mirren. Easily 3.5 out of 5.

  5. Meastro0's rating of the film Caligula

  6. spacemonkeymax's rating of the film Caligula

    It's a film that you either love or hate. I appreciate how it shows the depravity of what may or may not have happened but it tries too hard to shock you at times. I personally like McDowell's portrayals of mad men in general, although it may not be everyone's cup of tea.

  7. BernardoDiniz's rating of the film Caligula

  8. Nick Ahmadi's rating of the film Caligula

  9. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Caligula

    You look at the talent that was gathered for this thing, and you'd be surprised. Except for Malcolm McDowell. There was no going back after this. I still think it's a good idea to use great actors for this. I'd love to see what Fincher would do with this. No Malcolm this time.

  10. Log Lady's rating of the film Caligula

    3.5 stars. The porn controversy has unfairly obfuscated the movie's potential. Sure, it's a mess plot-wise, and most scenes are painfully overdrawn, but it's a glorious explosion of gold and Caravaggio colors. One of the most gorgeous set and costume design I've ever seen, but also the complete lack of focus (probably due to the behind-the-scenes drama) works in its favor. The final scene looks like a painting.

  11. reijagrrl's rating of the film Caligula

    we fell in love to this flick.

  12. Stefano Pesenti C.'s rating of the film Caligula

  13. Siaudebert's rating of the film Caligula

  14. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Caligula

    Trashy, but you can't look away due to its balls-to-the-wall excess. And its jaw-dropping, razzle-dazzle spectacle is truly something to cherish. I wish all the bullshit comic book adaptations/Michael Bay disasters took on this level of don't-turn-away, fiery car accident bravado. Never does 2 1/2 hours of nonsense fly by so grandly. It's not so-bad-it's-good, but the very definition of 'Trash Art'. I kinda love it!

  15. Christopher M. Jones's rating of the film Caligula

    behind all the softcore porn, the ludicrously ostentatious set and costume design, the strangely excellent cinematography and the forced acting is...nothing. it's basically a movie about a guy who wants to legalize sister-fucking. and....I kind of love it. if they made Iron Man movies with this level of bravado I'd be all set

  16. meiguiweisheng_xiang's rating of the film Caligula

  17. Matt Rolls's rating of the film Caligula

    A spectacular, glorious mess.

  18. Sin título.'s rating of the film Caligula

    Innecesariamente burda, como un festín donde los más finos manjares se encuentran en demasía y causan asco en el comensal. El filme perfecto para desagradar y provocar a la pareja al mismo tiempo, una ejemplificación del cine que no se debería tomar tan en serio.

  19. mela wróblewska's rating of the film Caligula

  20. Jaspar Lamar Crabb's rating of the film Caligula

    It's almost a challenge to actually sit through this

  21. Keith Fletcher's rating of the film Caligula

    Really 2 1/2, but it is a movie for such strengths and weaknesses that you can't look away. Too much re-editing plays havoc with Brass's political satire and the porn inserts, while showing the excess of empire, can be too much. A golden Train wreck of a film, with great acting by some of the greats.

  22. Øystein Egge's rating of the film Caligula

    Based on the 1,5 hour version.

  23. Pymo's rating of the film Caligula

    The power of the Orgy. Or the orgy of power?

  24. ULA ZUHRA's rating of the film Caligula

    i think it kind of really shows how caligula really was, I've read a lot and i mean, ALOT of stuff about him, books and all that, and he's always been kind of a mystery, but the only thing we do know that he's a filthy bastard which makes for a film, and the vulgarity of this film makes it unbearable to watch but i mean, that's how it is, that's how caligula was. personally, i didn't like it though, too much for me.

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