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  1. Photo of Mark Schwartzburt

    Mark Schwartzburt Screenplay

  2. Photo of Udy Epstein

    Udy Epstein Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Eddy Gilbert Herch

    Eddy Gilbert Herch Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Joan Linder

    Joan Linder Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Brian McNelis

    Brian McNelis Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Dan Efram

    Dan Efram Producer

  7. Photo of Matthew Kohn

    Matthew Kohn Producer, Editing, Screenplay Director

  8. Photo of Matt Boyd

    Matt Boyd Cinematography

  9. Photo of Yervant der Parthogh

    Yervant der Parthogh Cinematography

  10. Photo of Laurel Greenberg

    Laurel Greenberg Cinematography

  11. Photo of Valery Lyman

    Valery Lyman Cinematography

  12. Photo of Silvia Stoyanova

    Silvia Stoyanova Cinematography

  13. Photo of Alan Dershowitz

    Alan Dershowitz Cast

  14. Photo of Birch Bayh

    Birch Bayh Cast

  15. Photo of John Nichols

    John Nichols Cast

  16. Photo of Frank Fahrenkopf

    Frank Fahrenkopf Cast

  17. Photo of Greg Palast

    Greg Palast Cast

  18. Photo of Mary Frances Berry

    Mary Frances Berry Cast

  19. Photo of Dan Keating

    Dan Keating Cast

  20. Photo of Jamie Raskin

    Jamie Raskin Cast

  21. Photo of Richard A. Posner

    Richard A. Posner Cast

  22. Photo of Jeff Rosen

    Jeff Rosen Cast

  23. Photo of Marci Hamilton

    Marci Hamilton Cast

  24. Photo of Vincent Bugliosi

    Vincent Bugliosi Cast

  25. Photo of Alan Colmes

    Alan Colmes Cast

  26. Photo of Kimball Brace

    Kimball Brace Cast

  27. Photo of Steven Hill

    Steven Hill Cast

  28. Photo of Christopher Shays

    Christopher Shays Cast

  29. Photo of John Conyers

    John Conyers Cast

  30. Photo of Miles Rappaport

    Miles Rappaport Cast

  31. Photo of Cathy Cox

    Cathy Cox Cast

  32. Photo of Rush Holt

    Rush Holt Cast

  33. Photo of John Anderson

    John Anderson Cast

  34. Photo of Kim Alexander

    Kim Alexander Cast

  35. Photo of David Dill

    David Dill Cast

  36. Photo of Ted Selker

    Ted Selker Cast

  37. Photo of Mary Kiffmeyer

    Mary Kiffmeyer Cast

  38. Photo of Tom Wilkey

    Tom Wilkey Cast

  39. Photo of Doug Jones

    Doug Jones Cast

  40. Photo of Jim Dickson

    Jim Dickson Cast

  41. Photo of Kim Zetter

    Kim Zetter Cast

  42. Photo of Chris Boscardin

    Chris Boscardin Editing

  43. Photo of Alberto Caruso

    Alberto Caruso Music