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  1. Photo of Hugo Haas

    Hugo Haas Director, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Otakar Vávra

    Otakar Vávra Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Frantisek Langer

    Frantisek Langer Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ferdinand Pecenka

    Ferdinand Pecenka Cinematography

  5. Photo of Antonie Nedošinská

    Antonie Nedošinská Cast

  6. Photo of Jirina Stepnicková

    Jirina Stepnicková Cast

  7. Photo of Rudolf Deyl st.

    Rudolf Deyl st. Cast

  8. Photo of Pavel Herbert

    Pavel Herbert Cast

  9. Photo of Oldřich Nový

    Oldřich Nový Cast

  10. Photo of Eduard Blažek

    Eduard Blažek Cast

  11. Photo of Ruzena Slemrová

    Ruzena Slemrová Cast

  12. Photo of Adina Mandlová

    Adina Mandlová Cast

  13. Photo of Jindřich Plachta

    Jindřich Plachta Cast

  14. Photo of Frantisek Roland

    Frantisek Roland Cast

  15. Photo of Jan Pivec

    Jan Pivec Cast

  16. Photo of Bozena Sustrová

    Bozena Sustrová Cast

  17. Photo of Josef Gruss

    Josef Gruss Cast

  18. Photo of Jan Šebor

    Jan Šebor Cast

  19. Photo of Jarmila Švabíková

    Jarmila Švabíková Cast

  20. Photo of Alfred Bastýr

    Alfred Bastýr Cast

  21. Photo of Eliška Pleyová

    Eliška Pleyová Cast

  22. Photo of Lída Otáhalová

    Lída Otáhalová Cast

  23. Photo of Svatopluk Benes

    Svatopluk Benes Cast

  24. Photo of André Černoušek

    André Černoušek Cast

  25. Photo of Anna Gabrielová

    Anna Gabrielová Cast

  26. Photo of Marie Přikrylová

    Marie Přikrylová Cast

  27. Photo of Milka Balek-Brodská

    Milka Balek-Brodská Cast

  28. Photo of Jiří Vasmut

    Jiří Vasmut Cast

  29. Photo of Antonín Hodr

    Antonín Hodr Cast

  30. Photo of Jan W. Speerger

    Jan W. Speerger Cast

  31. Photo of Milada Smolíková

    Milada Smolíková Cast

  32. Photo of Vladimír Štros

    Vladimír Štros Cast

  33. Photo of Marie Ježková

    Marie Ježková Cast

  34. Photo of Ela Poznerová

    Ela Poznerová Cast

  35. Photo of Bedřich Veverka

    Bedřich Veverka Cast

  36. Photo of Josef Wanderer

    Josef Wanderer Cast

  37. Photo of Jan Kohout

    Jan Kohout Editing

  38. Photo of Julius Kalaš

    Julius Kalaš Music

  39. Photo of Josef Zora

    Josef Zora Sound