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  1. Photo of Genevieve Tanya Detering

    Genevieve Tanya Detering Director, Producer, Editing Screenplay

  2. Photo of Dashiell Finley

    Dashiell Finley Screenplay

  3. Photo of Klara Mudge

    Klara Mudge Cast

  4. Photo of Armas Shivute

    Armas Shivute Cast

  5. Photo of Nghishy Muniaro

    Nghishy Muniaro Cast

  6. Photo of Ruan Greeff

    Ruan Greeff Cast

  7. Photo of Nicole Davidow

    Nicole Davidow Producer and Cast

  8. Photo of Doug Liman

    Doug Liman Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Heiko Niedermeier

    Heiko Niedermeier Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Allison Niedermeier-Detering

    Allison Niedermeier-Detering Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Sonja Majewski

    Sonja Majewski Music

  12. Photo of Wojtek Majewski

    Wojtek Majewski Music

  13. Photo of Horst Zaire

    Horst Zaire Cinematography