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  1. Photo of Alphonse Beni

    Alphonse Beni Director, Cast Screenplay

  2. Photo of Suzanne Abes

    Suzanne Abes Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Louis-Albert Serrut

    Louis-Albert Serrut Executive Producer

  4. Photo of A.R. Baumont

    A.R. Baumont Screenplay

  5. Photo of Roger Fellous

    Roger Fellous Cinematography

  6. Photo of Bruce Le

    Bruce Le Cast

  7. Photo of France Lise

    France Lise Cast

  8. Photo of Ariane Kah

    Ariane Kah Cast

  9. Photo of Emmanuel Tengna

    Emmanuel Tengna Cast

  10. Photo of Athanase Esso

    Athanase Esso Cast

  11. Photo of Massa Batre

    Massa Batre Cast

  12. Photo of N'Hanack Tonye

    N'Hanack Tonye Cast

  13. Photo of Monthe Ignace

    Monthe Ignace Cast

  14. Photo of Friede Soula Soppo

    Friede Soula Soppo Cast

  15. Photo of Paco Rabanne

    Paco Rabanne Cast

  16. Photo of Alain Hausherr

    Alain Hausherr Editing

  17. Photo of Daniel White

    Daniel White Music