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  1. Rocketeam's rating of the film Camp X-Ray

    Harry Potter books still making me cry even in collateral ways.

  2. †. Kennedy Pope's rating of the film Camp X-Ray

    Kristen Stewart was a good casting choice here. I thought it was a thoughtful, albeit slightly eventless drama on the futility of a system that doesn't necessarily benefit either side. Fortunately the character relationships greatly support the necessary monotony of the plot.

  3. smndvdcl's rating of the film Camp X-Ray

    Profound, challenging and subversive. A welcome ideological antithesis to the overwhelming populist far-right trends of jingoistic fervour of the 2010s so far. Characterisation with clout and good lord, 'Kettering' by 'The Antlers' still gives me goosebumps.

  4. Linda's rating of the film Camp X-Ray

    3.5 stars. I just love Kristen Stewart, what can I say

  5. Castor von Fraudsburg's rating of the film Camp X-Ray

    Surprisingly pleasant movie. The Iranian actor (Moaadi) gives a good performance, but Stewart remains unconvincing as a troubled guard. Movie ultimately fails due to its formulaicness because of the lack of chemistry between the guard and the detainee. Worth watching, despite its flaws.

  6. hubertguillaud's rating of the film Camp X-Ray

    Et bien, le quotidien à Gitmo n'a pas l'air plus passionnant pour les "détenus" que pour leurs gardiens.

  7. Howard Orr's rating of the film Camp X-Ray

    Sulky Kristen Stewart deftly expands her acting repertoire by looking sulky with hair pulled back and wearing military camo. But the star is undoubtedly Iranian actor Peyman Moaddi (best known from the excellent "A Separation"), by turns conniving and desperately vulnerable, finding solace in Harry Potter and throwing his faeces at Stewart (perhaps muttering 'that's for "Twilight"!')

  8. glitchedplant's rating of the film Camp X-Ray

    moaadi is so damn special. the film was ok but the fact that there was a connection between two humans because of a book made this film a tiny bit special. accents, languages & dialects were all over the place good god why ya'll don't do a tiny bit of research

  9. galuh indri's rating of the film Camp X-Ray

    Even having doo-doo to be thrown all over your face she still manage a poker face. A star to show my regards to Payman Moadi for doing that.

  10. N!nA's rating of the film Camp X-Ray

    I really enjoyed watching this movie however, few mistakes hold me from rating it 4. First, detainees supposed to be Arabs so it really doesn’t make sense that one of them speaks in Farsi whenever he is angry but switches to Arabic whenever he is calm! There is a huge difference between Arabic and Farsi! Second, Payman Moadi represents an Arab detainee but he talks English with a Persian accent.

  11. Mathieu Verbeeck's rating of the film Camp X-Ray

  12. Susana Bessa's rating of the film Camp X-Ray

    Yes, it is predictable. But that doesn't make it less affecting or any less honest. The film works. And even though the friendship between the two surely is an unconvincing plot outside the screen, the intense character study is captivating and Stewart and Moaadi give out riveting performances in a committed and emotional mise-en-scène. Harry Potter books aside, it is a small important film.

  13. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Camp X-Ray

    This friendship was never truly convincing, forcing me to look into “Camp X-Ray” as an unimportant fictional exercise showing superficial insight about a grievous subject matter.

  14. Giles J Davis's rating of the film Camp X-Ray

    Poignant to a fault. The senses of boredom, banality, false-hope and alienation work very well. You never really know where you stand with any of the characters, the anonymity of GitMo, it's detainees and the soldiers. Numbers and ranks are barely what count here yet it's those tiny non-details that keep you going to the end. A fitting glimmer of hope that mirrors the reality of imprisonment and the war on terror.

  15. spiderliliez's rating of the film Camp X-Ray

    Kristen Stewart is not the most flexible actress out there. But this is most likely one of her best performance besides "Welcome To The Rileys". I like how she can redeem herself from all the negativity when she jumps into these precious little indies. "Camp X-ray" is one of her good decisions. It is subtle, yet powerful. This film speaks through its humanity. Certainly brings a lot of good faith to Kristen too.

  16. Adam Cross's rating of the film Camp X-Ray

    The film isn't giving us anything new but it's an okay film; predictable, but okay.