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  1. Photo of Martyn Friend

    Martyn Friend Director

  2. Photo of Ronald Wilson

    Ronald Wilson Director

  3. Photo of Robert Chetwyn

    Robert Chetwyn Director

  4. Photo of Michael Owen Morris

    Michael Owen Morris Director

  5. Photo of Christopher Hodson

    Christopher Hodson Director

  6. Photo of Ken Hannam

    Ken Hannam Director

  7. Photo of John Hawkesworth

    John Hawkesworth Screenplay

  8. Photo of Alan Plater

    Alan Plater Screenplay

  9. Photo of Jeremy Paul

    Jeremy Paul Screenplay

  10. Photo of Jill Hyem

    Jill Hyem Screenplay

  11. Photo of Elaine Morgan

    Elaine Morgan Screenplay

  12. Photo of Brian Thompson

    Brian Thompson Screenplay

  13. Photo of Margery Allingham

    Margery Allingham Novel

  14. Photo of Peter Davison

    Peter Davison Cast

  15. Photo of Brian Glover

    Brian Glover Cast

  16. Photo of Andrew Burt

    Andrew Burt Cast

  17. Photo of John Baker

    John Baker Cinematography

  18. Photo of Nigel Walters

    Nigel Walters Cinematography

  19. Photo of Ian Punter

    Ian Punter Cinematography

  20. Photo of Peter Chapman

    Peter Chapman Cinematography

  21. Photo of Nigel Hess

    Nigel Hess Music

  22. Photo of Paul Munting

    Paul Munting Production Design

  23. Photo of Ken Ledsham

    Ken Ledsham Production Design

  24. Photo of Dick Coles

    Dick Coles Production Design

  25. Photo of Ken Riddington

    Ken Riddington Producer

  26. Photo of Jonathan Alwyn

    Jonathan Alwyn Producer

  27. Photo of Jerry Leon

    Jerry Leon Editing

  28. Photo of Paul Garrick

    Paul Garrick Editing

  29. Photo of Howard Billingham

    Howard Billingham Editing

  30. Photo of Julian Miller

    Julian Miller Editing

  31. Photo of Philip Kloss

    Philip Kloss Editing

  32. Photo of Jackie Powell

    Jackie Powell Editing

  33. Photo of Roy Sharman

    Roy Sharman Editing

  34. Photo of John Strickland

    John Strickland Editing

  35. Photo of Stuart Moser

    Stuart Moser Sound

  36. Photo of Doug Mawson

    Doug Mawson Sound

  37. Photo of Simon Wilson

    Simon Wilson Sound

  38. Photo of Richard Manton

    Richard Manton Sound

  39. Photo of Michael Webberley

    Michael Webberley Sound

  40. Photo of Malcolm Campbell

    Malcolm Campbell Sound

  41. Photo of Steve Gatland

    Steve Gatland Sound