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  1. Photo of Raquel Freire

    Raquel Freire Director

  2. Photo of Ondina Martins Ferreira Maia

    Ondina Martins Ferreira Maia Self

  3. Photo of Maria Judite Mendes de Amorim

    Maria Judite Mendes de Amorim Self

  4. Photo of Aurora Luz Quadrado

    Aurora Luz Quadrado Self

  5. Photo of Marta Alves

    Marta Alves Self

  6. Photo of Maria Rosa Costa

    Maria Rosa Costa Self

  7. Photo of Dona Hortense

    Dona Hortense Self

  8. Photo of Simone

    Simone Self

  9. Photo of Dália

    Dália Self

  10. Photo of Vítor Gonçalves

    Vítor Gonçalves Self

  11. Photo of Adriana Quadros

    Adriana Quadros Self

  12. Photo of Teresa Almeida

    Teresa Almeida Self

  13. Photo of Ana Sara Brito

    Ana Sara Brito Self

  14. Photo of Adriana Alcântara

    Adriana Alcântara Editing