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  1. Photo of Wolfgang Staudte

    Wolfgang Staudte Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Willy Egger

    Willy Egger Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Heinrich Schier

    Heinrich Schier Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Ennio De Concini

    Ennio De Concini Screenplay

  5. Photo of Duccio Tessari

    Duccio Tessari Screenplay

  6. Photo of Gábor Pogány

    Gábor Pogány Cinematography

  7. Photo of Niccolò Lazzari

    Niccolò Lazzari Editing

  8. Photo of Franco Lolli

    Franco Lolli Production Design

  9. Photo of Pier Vittorio Marchi

    Pier Vittorio Marchi Production Design

  10. Photo of Alexandre Derevitsky

    Alexandre Derevitsky Music

  11. Photo of Angelo Francesco Lavagnino

    Angelo Francesco Lavagnino Music

  12. Photo of Vittorio De Sica

    Vittorio De Sica Cast

  13. Photo of Folco Lulli

    Folco Lulli Cast

  14. Photo of Heinz Reincke

    Heinz Reincke Cast

  15. Photo of Ingmar Zeisberg

    Ingmar Zeisberg Cast

  16. Photo of Hélène Rémy

    Hélène Rémy Cast

  17. Photo of Lianella Carell

    Lianella Carell Cast

  18. Photo of Piero Lulli

    Piero Lulli Cast

  19. Photo of Marco Guglielmi

    Marco Guglielmi Cast

  20. Photo of Aldo Pedinotti

    Aldo Pedinotti Cast

  21. Photo of Rolf Tasna

    Rolf Tasna Cast

  22. Photo of Maria Pia Casilio

    Maria Pia Casilio Cast

  23. Photo of Lilla Brignone

    Lilla Brignone Cast

  24. Photo of Nino Manfredi

    Nino Manfredi Cast

  25. Photo of Alex Revidis

    Alex Revidis Cast

  26. Photo of Gianni Garko

    Gianni Garko Cast