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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Canopy

    A good effort. It's a great story idea that just isn't quite satisfyingly realized despite some very good scenes and moments. The cinematography is often obviously gorgeous but nearly as often horribly compromised by digital cinema presentation that can't adequately reproduce the range of colors and, even more frustratingly, struggles with fog drifting through the dark ...

  2. eric gould's rating of the film Canopy

    The tropical forest in Aaron Wilson's Canopy is more than a mere setting for this tense physical yet minimalist 1942 Pacific war-time thriller. After an Australian plane is shot down, the pilot's survival instincts guide him through the green darkness finding an unlikely companion with a Singaporean soldier. Evocative of Tropical Malady's second half, Canopy's lush visuals burn with a quiet mystery and tension.