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  1. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Cantata

  2. Razna_'s rating of the film Cantata

  3. saitosouta's rating of the film Cantata

    Acesta e destul de năstrușnic și interesant, care se pare că Antonioni a trebuit să fie produs un episod de "ER," în primul rând el l-a făcut de indecis dar l-a rebutat de loc și a alergat conform estetismului ei, odată canarisind în lumea abstractă a neființei și deznădejdii.Ce naiba. // この映画は頗る奇妙で興味深い。というのもアントニオーニが「ER」を監督せざるを得なくなり、最初はいやいや作っていたが全部投げ出し、自分の美意識の赴くままひた走った末、虚無と絶望の曖昧なる世界へと突っ込んでいったような映画なのだ。何だこりゃ。

  4. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Cantata

    Jansco channels Antonioni in this half-doctor drama half-beat poem.

  5. Daniel Dawson's rating of the film Cantata

    Beautifully shot with monochromatic splendour and is based around Béla Bartók’s wonderful operatic tale ‘Cantata Profana’. A master of the long take and the best of the political filmmmakers, Jancsó uses the doctor’s smooth entry into his career as an allegory for himself who would not have been where he was at the time had it not been for the Stalinist propaganda he made in his early years.

  6. orangey's rating of the film Cantata

    Dissappointing. Was expecting something more elegant.It's just a fairly dull socialist propaganda infused film with some experimental aspects.If you're interested in Jacso skip it and go for Red Psalm or Red and the white