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  1. George Bradley's rating of the film Canyon Passage

  2. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    A decent cast, and Jacques Tourneur in the director's chair, isn't enough to raise this Western above the level of decidedly average. It is enjoyable hokum, but forgettable as soon as the end credits start.

  3. Bilouaustria's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    In the forties, when color arrived everywhere, we marveled watching some gem like "The red shoes" or this one in a stunning Technicolor. But "Canyon Passage" goes beyond its wonderful looks. Watch how Tourneur carefully makes his scenes last, even if the main character is gone. There are many subplots but also a strong cinematic will to work on the off screen : before the shot and even after, the village lived.

  4. hymntopan's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    A unique Western. Brilliant cinematography/script/direction. Excellent.

  5. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    Quality western with good characters and excellent cinematography and Technicolor decor. It builds up to an intense climax of mass destruction, mayhem and death and the only thing that stops this film from being an ultimate classic is that it could easily have had an additional half hour to make the ending more rounded and emotional. Still among the best of classic westerners.

  6. Luke Corradine's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    This film has so many great things going for it... but a solid plot isnt one of them. With characters thin as hair and relationships pulled out of a hat, the last 30 minutes truly come apart. Populated by a stellar cast with a Ward Bond playing one of his most vicious villains I can remember and Hoagy Camichael at his best, the film deserved better production and direction. Criticism aside, a worthy watch no doubt!

  7. Nicolas Pierce's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    This is pretty much a perfect movie. Reminded me of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance in how it uses two figures representing contrasting types of masculinity to interrogate the grey areas of the male psyche, the latent violence under the veneer of civilisation and the tensions in the ideology of speculation and domination that built the Old West. Also, it looks absolutely gorgeous.

  8. BUSTER TIERNEY's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    3,7/5 Un bien bon western avec quelques originalités qui s'immiscent dans la structure ultra-classique, notamment dans le traitement du triangle amoureux. De quoi revaloriser le prénom Logan !

  9. azoulay's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    Il y a tout: des indiens, de l'action, des chariots de pionniers attaqués par des indiens, des bons et des méchants des amours impossibles, des voyous, des voleurs des vieux rigolos bref ça devrait être super mais bon ces n'est pas le cas. Il manque l'étincelle! Peut être parce que Tourneur n'est pas américain.

  10. tinderness's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    Billiger Wildwest - Rassismus mit überbordendem Testosteron und jeder Menge an Rollenklischees. Unmöglich dummes Zeug, fürwahr, welches geckenhaft daherstolziert in all seiner Dummheit!

  11. DanielSpeight's rating of the film Canyon Passage

  12. Christine's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    Cowboys and Indians! What a gem of a film. The fearless businessman Logan, travelling on horseback through beautiful untouched country with the lovely Lucy by his side. But Lucy is betrothed to George, and George takes to gambling. A wonderful combination of action, love, rich with dialogue and fantastic scenes, this film is a nice take on a bygone era.

  13. Victor Gonzalez's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    The color but also the muddy atmosphere of the film are both stunning. Check oout the kissing scene. One of the most revealing and surprising film sequences related to love and chivalry that I have seen in years. Tourneur is a beast.

  14. Alberto Funkledink's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    Quite fun, just good ol' cowbahs n injuns, the latter slaughtering the former and stealing their land. On second thoughts, not so fun...

  15. Tja's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    The Pacific Northwest never looked so richly panoramic in this pseudo-realistic testimony to the indomitable spirit of the 19thC settlers. The native Indians retaliate when provoked, but the high-minded gunslingin' guy gets the right girl and the sun sets in Technicolour. The brisk dialogue belies the movie's 1946 origins, and the songs stick in your gullet or your ear, depending on your taste.

  16. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    A surprise treat for a Saturday afternoon: a Western I'd never heard of at the Metrograph introduced by a Sony Pictures Classic exec. It's a wonderful film by Tourneur—almost a masterpiece—rich with characters and political complexity as it looks at communities springing up in the West. Smarter, in a lot of ways, than Ford—or at least its optimism about the people who might conquer the land is more guarded.

  17. Terry_Moby's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    Beautifully shot, tightly directed. One of those classic films that run smoothly like a little, perfectly built and constructed, well-oiled machine. The cabin building sequence must have been the model for Weir's Witness, some 35 years later. (Ideology? The Indians? They should have been content with that basket full of apples...)

  18. Vasco Bação's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    Not as together or as poetic as Stars in my Crown, but the affectionate feeling for a functional, united community is already here, so is the attention to individual detail and character psychology (mostly male). The screenplay seems at times arbitrary, like an excuse to show breathtaking landscape and memorable scenes. Also, this is the most tasteful use of technicolor ever. An impressive, peculiar film.

  19. Des Horne's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    A reflection on American expansion and the irrepressible need to earn, to keep moving forward and to find purpose in life, in the form of a beautiful technicolor western.

  20. JHB's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    - Honey Bragg's a sort of friend of mine./ - You have strange friends, Jack./ - Well, I didn't say that I like him or that I trust him./ - What's your idea of a friend?/ - Any man, I suppose, who believes as I do that the human race is a horrible mistake.

  21. José Neves's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    Ah, the glorious technicolor of Natalie Kalmus!, its pictorial extravaganza that resizes any frame, any scene. The sky that threatens us, the vegetation that cuts us out, the river that rises, the look of the actors that it's expanded in its immanence. Although Tourneur is a magnificent filmmaker - see the sequences of the Indians attacks - the cinematography of this film is its most consummate effect.

  22. Sudipto Basu's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    Underwhelming, given this is Tourneur. Never really breaks out from the hum of ideas, though Dana Andrews is a compulsive actor to watch in any role.

  23. polkasan's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    What a gem ! Beautiful technicolor western... A must see.

  24. Jake Cole's rating of the film Canyon Passage

    An elegant use of color, from naturalistic shots of the hero (only occasionally giving away their subjectivity) to the self-erected underground of a vile gambler and, later, the red tints used to heighten "red" skins. The Other is always a little more Other-some in Tourneur's films, though that also makes their disruptions of white myopia so much more effective and resonant.

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