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  1. Photo of Paul Seed

    Paul Seed Director

  2. Photo of Mike Vardy

    Mike Vardy Director

  3. Photo of Sarah Hellings

    Sarah Hellings Director

  4. Photo of Robert Walker

    Robert Walker Director

  5. Photo of Clive Fleury

    Clive Fleury Director

  6. Photo of Diarmuid Lawrence

    Diarmuid Lawrence Director

  7. Photo of Andrew MacLear

    Andrew MacLear Screenplay

  8. Photo of Matthew Bardsley

    Matthew Bardsley Screenplay

  9. Photo of Charles Jennings

    Charles Jennings Screenplay

  10. Photo of Richard O'Keeffe

    Richard O'Keeffe Screenplay

  11. Photo of Tom Greenwood

    Tom Greenwood Screenplay

  12. Photo of Douglas Hodge

    Douglas Hodge Cast

  13. Photo of John Bowe

    John Bowe Cast

  14. Photo of Rolf Saxon

    Rolf Saxon Cast

  15. Photo of Trevyn McDowell

    Trevyn McDowell Cast

  16. Photo of Joanna Kanska

    Joanna Kanska Cast

  17. Photo of William Armstrong

    William Armstrong Cast

  18. Photo of Jason Isaacs

    Jason Isaacs Cast

  19. Photo of Joanna Phillips-Lane

    Joanna Phillips-Lane Cast

  20. Photo of Dorian Healy

    Dorian Healy Cast

  21. Photo of Emily Bolton

    Emily Bolton Cast

  22. Photo of Denys Hawthorne

    Denys Hawthorne Cast

  23. Photo of Anna Nygh

    Anna Nygh Cast

  24. Photo of Richard Le Parmentier

    Richard Le Parmentier Cast

  25. Photo of Saira Todd

    Saira Todd Cast

  26. Photo of Witold Stok

    Witold Stok Cinematography

  27. Photo of Peter Bartlett

    Peter Bartlett Cinematography

  28. Photo of Terry Cole

    Terry Cole Cinematography

  29. Photo of Ken Westbury

    Ken Westbury Cinematography

  30. Photo of Colin Towns

    Colin Towns Music

  31. Photo of Irving Teitelbaum

    Irving Teitelbaum Producer

  32. Photo of Andrew Brown

    Andrew Brown Executive Producer

  33. Photo of Roger Wilson

    Roger Wilson Editing

  34. Photo of Brian Freemantle

    Brian Freemantle Editing

  35. Photo of Colin Chapman

    Colin Chapman Sound