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  1. Photo of Hugo Cataldo

    Hugo Cataldo Director, Screenplay, Producer Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Jerónimo Buman

    Jerónimo Buman Cinematography

  3. Photo of Richard Careaga

    Richard Careaga Cinematography

  4. Photo of Juan Carlos Maneglia

    Juan Carlos Maneglia Cinematography

  5. Photo of Luis Aguirre H.

    Luis Aguirre H. Cast

  6. Photo of Mauricio Martinez

    Mauricio Martinez Cast

  7. Photo of Natalia Alvarenga

    Natalia Alvarenga Cast

  8. Photo of Natalia Nebbia

    Natalia Nebbia Cast

  9. Photo of Alicia Martin

    Alicia Martin Cast

  10. Photo of Luis Gutierrez

    Luis Gutierrez Cast

  11. Photo of Paola Amaini

    Paola Amaini Cast

  12. Photo of Paul Ocampo

    Paul Ocampo Editing

  13. Photo of Walter Reyes

    Walter Reyes Editing

  14. Photo of Juan Carlos Careaga

    Juan Carlos Careaga Music

  15. Photo of Christian Kent

    Christian Kent Music