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  1. Photo of Abel Gance

    Abel Gance Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Théophile Gautier

    Théophile Gautier Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gian Bistolfi

    Gian Bistolfi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Steve Passeur

    Steve Passeur Screenplay

  5. Photo of Claude Vermorel

    Claude Vermorel Screenplay

  6. Photo of Fernand Gravey

    Fernand Gravey Cast

  7. Photo of Assia Noris

    Assia Noris Cast

  8. Photo of Jean Weber

    Jean Weber Cast

  9. Photo of Roland Toutain

    Roland Toutain Cast

  10. Photo of Lucien Nat

    Lucien Nat Cast

  11. Photo of Alice Tissot

    Alice Tissot Cast

  12. Photo of Paul Oettly

    Paul Oettly Cast

  13. Photo of Josette France

    Josette France Cast

  14. Photo of Mary-Lou

    Mary-Lou Cast

  15. Photo of Jacques François

    Jacques François Cast

  16. Photo of Philippe Rolla

    Philippe Rolla Cast

  17. Photo of Pierre Labry

    Pierre Labry Cast

  18. Photo of Jean Fleur

    Jean Fleur Cast

  19. Photo of Roger Blin

    Roger Blin Cast

  20. Photo of Paul Mondollot

    Paul Mondollot Cast

  21. Photo of Jacques Roussel

    Jacques Roussel Cast

  22. Photo of Jaqueline Florence

    Jaqueline Florence Cast

  23. Photo of Ritou Lancyle

    Ritou Lancyle Cast

  24. Photo of Mona Goya

    Mona Goya Cast

  25. Photo of Maurice Escande

    Maurice Escande Cast

  26. Photo of Vina Bovy

    Vina Bovy Cast

  27. Photo of Nino Constantini

    Nino Constantini Cast

  28. Photo of Nicolas Hayer

    Nicolas Hayer Cinematography

  29. Photo of Arthur Honegger

    Arthur Honegger Music

  30. Photo of André de Badet

    André de Badet Music

  31. Photo of Yvonne Gouverné

    Yvonne Gouverné Music

  32. Photo of Henri Mahé

    Henri Mahé Production Design

  33. Photo of Lucienne Déméocq

    Lucienne Déméocq Editing

  34. Photo of Jean Putel

    Jean Putel Sound

  35. Photo of Beytout

    Beytout Costume Design

  36. Photo of Catherine Plessier

    Catherine Plessier Costume Design