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  1. Photo of Cecília Amado

    Cecília Amado Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Guy Gonçalves

    Guy Gonçalves Director and Cinematography

  3. Photo of Jorge Amado

    Jorge Amado Screenplay

  4. Photo of Hilton Lacerda

    Hilton Lacerda Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jean Luis Amorim

    Jean Luis Amorim Cast

  6. Photo of Ana Graciela

    Ana Graciela Cast

  7. Photo of Roberio Lima

    Roberio Lima Cast

  8. Photo of Israel Gouvea

    Israel Gouvea Cast

  9. Photo of Paulo Abade

    Paulo Abade Cast

  10. Photo of Marinho Gonçalves

    Marinho Gonçalves Cast

  11. Photo of Ana Cecília Costa

    Ana Cecília Costa Cast

  12. Photo of Jussilene Santana

    Jussilene Santana Cast

  13. Photo of Zéu Britto

    Zéu Britto Cast

  14. Photo of Elielson Conceição

    Elielson Conceição Cast

  15. Photo of Edelvan de Deus

    Edelvan de Deus Cast

  16. Photo of Felipe Duarte

    Felipe Duarte Cast

  17. Photo of Diogo Lopes Filho

    Diogo Lopes Filho Cast

  18. Photo of Elcian Gabriel

    Elcian Gabriel Cast

  19. Photo of Jordan Mateus

    Jordan Mateus Cast

  20. Photo of Evaldo Maurício

    Evaldo Maurício Cast

  21. Photo of Heder Novaes

    Heder Novaes Cast

  22. Photo of Jamaclei Pinho

    Jamaclei Pinho Cast

  23. Photo of Carlinhos Brown

    Carlinhos Brown Music

  24. Photo of Bernardo Stroppiana

    Bernardo Stroppiana Producer

  25. Photo of William O'Dwyer Fogtman

    William O'Dwyer Fogtman Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Bruno Stroppiana

    Bruno Stroppiana Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Eduardo Hartung

    Eduardo Hartung Editing

  28. Photo of Caue Leal

    Caue Leal Sound

  29. Photo of Vladan Nedeljkov

    Vladan Nedeljkov Sound

  30. Photo of Branko Neskov

    Branko Neskov Sound

  31. Photo of Simone Petrillo

    Simone Petrillo Sound

  32. Photo of George Saldanha

    George Saldanha Sound

  33. Photo of Aleksandra Stojanovic

    Aleksandra Stojanovic Sound

  34. Photo of Marjorie Gueller

    Marjorie Gueller Costume Design