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  1. Photo of Raymond Depardon

    Raymond Depardon Director, Screenplay Cinematography

  2. Photo of Pascale Dauman

    Pascale Dauman Producer

  3. Photo of Jean-Luc Ormières

    Jean-Luc Ormières Producer

  4. Photo of Sandrine Bonnaire

    Sandrine Bonnaire Cast

  5. Photo of Dobi Koré

    Dobi Koré Cast

  6. Photo of Fadi Taha

    Fadi Taha Cast

  7. Photo of Dobi Wachinké

    Dobi Wachinké Cast

  8. Photo of Badei Barka

    Badei Barka Cast

  9. Photo of Atchi Wahi-Li

    Atchi Wahi-Li Cast

  10. Photo of Daki Koré

    Daki Koré Cast

  11. Photo of Isai Koré

    Isai Koré Cast

  12. Photo of Mohamed Ixa

    Mohamed Ixa Cast

  13. Photo of Brahim Barkaï

    Brahim Barkaï Cast

  14. Photo of Hadji Azouma

    Hadji Azouma Cast

  15. Photo of Barkama Hadji

    Barkama Hadji Cast

  16. Photo of Sidi Hadji Maman

    Sidi Hadji Maman Cast

  17. Photo of Pascale Charolais

    Pascale Charolais Editing

  18. Photo of Camille Cotte

    Camille Cotte Editing

  19. Photo of Roger Ikhlef

    Roger Ikhlef Editing

  20. Photo of Jean-Jacques Lemètre

    Jean-Jacques Lemètre Music

  21. Photo of Sophie Chiabaut

    Sophie Chiabaut Sound

  22. Photo of Claudine Nougaret

    Claudine Nougaret Sound

  23. Photo of Françoise Clavel

    Françoise Clavel Costume Design