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  1. Juan Javier's rating of the film Caramel

    Nada excepcional, de hecho, casi trillado.

  2. Korial's rating of the film Caramel

    Let it unfold and eventually it will go a bit farther from "the usual women and romance movie". It will steal you some smiles. Also, it is touching and slightly sad. Each main character is waiting for something and is trying to escape society's diktat. In the end, it does not pretend to be sophisticated but does not dare either. The soundtrack is (even) too good.

  3. Ella Dawson-Gorton's rating of the film Caramel

    I loved this film. Full of empathy and power. A story of femininity, pain, sexuality, humour, awkwardness, truth & delicate moments. the silent connections between people are handled with a caring and competent hand. This film feels deeply for its characters, and it shows. Beautiful

  4. sarah nisrina's rating of the film Caramel

    Didn’t know society in Beirut really holds conservative values as shown here. Though the vibe is as sweet as the title. Loving the pleasant and feminine visuals, and the music too. Made me want to visit Beirut.

  5. kenji.kenja's rating of the film Caramel

    Beautiful,heartwarming sisterhood tales! Across all ages and faith.

  6. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Caramel

    A simple romantic comedy is made that much better by the cast, the separate feelgood moments throughout, and the surprisingly assured direction from Nadine Labaki, making her feature debut.

  7. Mike Dempsey's rating of the film Caramel

    Bitter-sweet stories of five women living in a modern Arab society, rather than Muslim, as they all seemed to be Christian. Did whoever wrote the Mubi summary actually pay attention to the detail?! Favourite line: "If M. Pompidou calls, tell him I'm at the tailor's!"

  8. Yvonx S's rating of the film Caramel

    Touching but not saccharine; an ode to female intimacy and comraderie. Set in Lebanon; both Christian and Muslim cultures, where both conspire to limit women, but where women rise to hold hands and faith with each other's reality. It is also laugh out loud funny. I gave this 5 *s without hesitation; a weaving of stories that celebrate life lived within the complexities of patriarchy, done so with humour and grace.

  9. Shane Ewen's rating of the film Caramel

    It's a soap opera, complete with Dot & Ethel & caramel music.

  10. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Caramel

    Un microcosmo de la femineidad. Labaki suma voces testimoniales sin quiebres dramáticas. Nada luce impostado, todo es natural. No hay momento en que la película recae a lo trivial, ni si quiera se preocupa de generar un gran conflicto. Es también una película sobre la impertinencias: la luz que se va, un grito, un claxon. Las rutinas son interrumpidas. Lo otro, un erotismo sugerente. La peluquería, un corte de pelo.

  11. Mike Jempson's rating of the film Caramel

    Loved this lovely film. So much to see and absorb that is usually hidden from (male) view.

  12. David's rating of the film Caramel

    A beautiful movie for all the senses

  13.'s rating of the film Caramel

  14. stevesher1951's rating of the film Caramel

  15. marialpm's rating of the film Caramel

  16. Michael Diers's rating of the film Caramel

    Lockere Komödie mit melancholischen Elementen über fünf Freundinnen, deren Leben nicht nur aus Glücksmomenten und Liebe, sondern auch aus verpassten Chancen und Tragik besteht. Toller Film mit einer hervorragenden Besetzung, der auch zeigt, dass die Narben zwischen Christen und Moslems im einst vom Bürgerkrieg heimgesuchten Libanon langsam aber sicher verwachsen.

  17. AVA's rating of the film Caramel

    Welch wunderschöner Film,mit wunderschönen Bildern,wunderschöner Musik und wunderschönen ( noch ganz weiblichen) Hauptakteuren.

  18. Yildiz Doygun's rating of the film Caramel

    Gosh i'm so in love with Nadine.

  19. Balthaz21's rating of the film Caramel

  20. Hajer's rating of the film Caramel

    Genuine and heartwarming. A great cultural study of contemporary Lebanon as well.

  21. nicolecahali's rating of the film Caramel

  22. Théo's rating of the film Caramel

    Caramel est un film doux amer, élastique, collant, chaud, parfois un peu sirupeux, mais au final bien beau.

  23. caro's rating of the film Caramel

    So let's be clear, this is an exceptional movie.You will find it funny, cute, picturing nicely a society that seems very far from you, but what you won't see is that this film was, ans still is, a revolution in Lebanon. I know better, I am myself Lebanese and whatever is depicted in this movie, it's all true, it's perfectly depicted, it's bold and sadly, although produced in 2007, it's still pretty actual.Must watch!

  24. Ma-rewind's rating of the film Caramel

    Frais, drôle et sensible... Nadine Labaki arrive à créer une vraie proximité, une belle empathie, entre le spectateur et ces femmes aux destins à la fois tortueux et tellement "normaux", et ceci sans jamais tomber dans le pathos . . Bref, ça fait rire, froncer les sourcils, avoir parfois jusqu'à une petite larme à l'oeil, réfléchir, ça ne laisse pas indifférent... Et ça fait du bien!

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