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  1. Photo of Alistair MacLean

    Alistair MacLean Screenplay

  2. Photo of Paul Wheeler

    Paul Wheeler Screenplay

  3. Photo of Joseph Forest

    Joseph Forest Screenplay

  4. Photo of David Birney

    David Birney Cast

  5. Photo of Charlotte Rampling

    Charlotte Rampling Cast

  6. Photo of Michael Lonsdale

    Michael Lonsdale Cast

  7. Photo of Marcel Bozzuffi

    Marcel Bozzuffi Cast

  8. Photo of Michael Bryant

    Michael Bryant Cast

  9. Photo of Serge Marquand

    Serge Marquand Cast

  10. Photo of Marianne Eggerickx

    Marianne Eggerickx Cast

  11. Photo of Françoise Brion

    Françoise Brion Cast

  12. Photo of Vania Vilers

    Vania Vilers Cast

  13. Photo of Manitas De Plata

    Manitas De Plata Cast

  14. Photo of Jean-Pierre Cargol

    Jean-Pierre Cargol Cast

  15. Photo of Jean-Pierre Castaldi

    Jean-Pierre Castaldi Cast

  16. Photo of Fred Tammes

    Fred Tammes Cinematography

  17. Photo of Stanley Myers

    Stanley Myers Music

  18. Photo of George Davis

    George Davis Producer

  19. Photo of Richard Morris-Adams

    Richard Morris-Adams Producer

  20. Photo of Geoffrey Reeve

    Geoffrey Reeve Producer and Director

  21. Photo of John McNab

    John McNab Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Robert Morgan

    Robert Morgan Editing

  23. Photo of Bob Allen

    Bob Allen Sound