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  1. Photo of Morio Asaka

    Morio Asaka Director

  2. Photo of Kazuhiko Ikeguchi

    Kazuhiko Ikeguchi Producer

  3. Photo of Tatsuya Ono

    Tatsuya Ono Producer

  4. Photo of Nanase Ohkawa

    Nanase Ohkawa Screenplay

  5. Photo of Sakura Tange

    Sakura Tange Cast

  6. Photo of Aya Hisakawa

    Aya Hisakawa Cast

  7. Photo of Megumi Ogata

    Megumi Ogata Cast

  8. Photo of Yukana Nogami

    Yukana Nogami Cast

  9. Photo of Hideyuki Tanaka

    Hideyuki Tanaka Cast

  10. Photo of Takayuki Negishi

    Takayuki Negishi Music

  11. Photo of Madhouse

    Madhouse Animation

  12. Photo of Jennifer Pertsch

    Jennifer Pertsch Screenplay

  13. Photo of Clamp

    Clamp Screenplay

  14. Photo of Kashiko Kimura

    Kashiko Kimura Editing

  15. Photo of Yoshiko Kimura

    Yoshiko Kimura Editing

  16. Photo of Harutoshi Ogata

    Harutoshi Ogata Editing

  17. Photo of Satoshi Terauchi

    Satoshi Terauchi Director