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  1. Photo of Brian De Palma

    Brian De Palma Director

  2. Photo of Ortwin Freyermuth

    Ortwin Freyermuth Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Louis A. Stroller

    Louis A. Stroller Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Willi Bär

    Willi Bär Producer

  5. Photo of Martin Bregman

    Martin Bregman Producer

  6. Photo of Michael Bregman

    Michael Bregman Producer

  7. Photo of David Koepp

    David Koepp Screenplay

  8. Photo of Stephen H. Burum

    Stephen H. Burum Cinematography

  9. Photo of Al Pacino

    Al Pacino Cast

  10. Photo of Sean Penn

    Sean Penn Cast

  11. Photo of Penelope Ann Miller

    Penelope Ann Miller Cast

  12. Photo of John Leguizamo

    John Leguizamo Cast

  13. Photo of Ingrid Rogers

    Ingrid Rogers Cast

  14. Photo of Luis Guzmán

    Luis Guzmán Cast

  15. Photo of Viggo Mortensen

    Viggo Mortensen Cast

  16. Photo of Kristina Boden

    Kristina Boden Editing

  17. Photo of Richard Sylbert

    Richard Sylbert Production Design

  18. Photo of Patrick Doyle

    Patrick Doyle Music

  19. Photo of Aude Bronson-Howard

    Aude Bronson-Howard Costume Design

  20. Photo of Edwin Torres

    Edwin Torres Screenplay

  21. Photo of James Rebhorn

    James Rebhorn Cast

  22. Photo of Joseph Siravo

    Joseph Siravo Cast

  23. Photo of Richard Foronjy

    Richard Foronjy Cast

  24. Photo of Jorge Porcel

    Jorge Porcel Cast

  25. Photo of Frank Minucci

    Frank Minucci Cast

  26. Photo of Adrian Pasdar

    Adrian Pasdar Cast

  27. Photo of John Ortiz

    John Ortiz Cast

  28. Photo of Angel Salazar

    Angel Salazar Cast

  29. Photo of Paul Mazursky

    Paul Mazursky Cast

  30. Photo of Jon Seda

    Jon Seda Cast