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  1. Adam GR's rating of the film Carnage

    A first act that propels you ultimately nowhere. An apéritif of discussion. Good performances. Clafoutis.

  2. artnow's rating of the film Carnage

    The scene takes us in the psychological quest of parents and irreproachable citizens, with a force of writing and a subtle formatting until the end. An eight-close to perfection almost reached.

  3. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Carnage

    Great watch, and fantastic cast, especially Christoph. Not a Polanski's classic, anyway. Just one thing: What the hell that television is doing on the corner of the wall, when the sofas are in the middle of the room? How can you watch it??

  4. steve's rating of the film Carnage

    Great revolving script, great acting, great direction. Subtle and not so subtle sub-plot on everything.

  5. MVS's rating of the film Carnage

    Brilliant movie, loved every second of it

  6. chai_latte's rating of the film Carnage

    more like roman BOO lanski

  7. Roman2's rating of the film Carnage

    Exceptional. In Spite of the Controversy surrounding Roman Polanski- He continues to make some of the Best films in the World And always Has. His possible misdeameanour do nothing to affect his Gifted Cinematic and Artistic abilities. My Favourite Movie By Him exploring Sexuality in all its Submissive and Dominant and Adventurous Forms Casting His Gorgeous French wife is called Bitter Moon. Another is Frantic.

  8. Juan Javier's rating of the film Carnage

    Quizá una de las mejores hechas por Polanski.

  9. lidiishere's rating of the film Carnage

    this is so interesting! I remember analysing this for my Media and Film class

  10. Alvise Narduzzi's rating of the film Carnage

    L'apoteosi del luogo comune. I protagonisti rappresentano due tipologie standard di vita coniugale, mentre si passano la palla tramite dialoghi calzanti lo stereotipo del loro personaggio. Le battute sono da risata facile, quelle che funzionano, ma puzzano pur sempre un po' di vecchio, anche se il buon Polanski qualche sorpresa positiva ce l'ha messa.

  11. Pedro Ramos's rating of the film Carnage

    "why are we still in this fucking house?"

  12. Arthur Freitas's rating of the film Carnage

    It's awesome, the performances and the decoupage are so perfectly together. But the text seems to fade now. I loved this in the theater, but now it seems so much less a metaphor about the Europe than before (maybe it's the TONI ERDMANN effect?).

  13. beatrizatriz's rating of the film Carnage

    Acho que nunca ri tanto a ver uma fita, o que é especialmente notável tendo em conta que à mistura me senti frustrada, desconfortável e claustrofóbica o tempo todo, sem sequer simpatizar com ninguém o suficiente para sentir empatia. Um bocadinho patético, o filme - plástico e irrealista.

  14. olívia,'s rating of the film Carnage

    sufocante & interessante

  15. DenoResandono's rating of the film Carnage

    One of the underrated movie from director Roman Polanski. Adapted from the play "God of Carnage" by Yasmina Reza. It contained some A-list casts. Such as Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz, and John C. Reilly. It's a minimalist drama and a satire. Set in one place, an apartment. Each actors and actresses gave a solid performance. There's nothing special in Mr. Polanski's direction. Still, it's worth to watch

  16. Sara Sousa's rating of the film Carnage

  17. mac le mac's rating of the film Carnage

  18. Deiner's rating of the film Carnage

    2nd viewing. Didn't like it as much as the first time. Something was missing. Foster was best in show with Waltz as a close runner-up, I know a lot of people would disagree with me but I really enjoyed his line readings. Reilly was okay, he's an actor I usually don't care about, and Winslet was disapointing, an actress I generally love, thi time-around her acting seemed forced and obvious.

  19. FISCHER's rating of the film Carnage

    Quatre acteurs formidables qui déclinent avec un plaisir évident toute la gamme acidulée de la médiocrité humaine, avec une Jodie Foster acrimonieuse et pincée à souhait, une Kate Winslet, collet monté et coincée dans son fragile égo, un Christophe Waltz greffé à son téléphone portable et un John C. Reilly lourdement phobique et faussement débonnaire. Vomitif, venimeux et succulent à la fois.

  20. Xénia's rating of the film Carnage

    Intense. Continuously intense. The rythme of the movie won't let you breath.

  21. Fabiha's rating of the film Carnage

    "I believe in the god of carnage. The god whose rules have been unchallenged since time immemorial."

  22. Mia Calavera's rating of the film Carnage

    I was glued to the screen throughout the movie. It could have gone incredibly wrong without the superb performance of the cast. The un-nerving part is how naturally the situation develops and how easy it is to relate to each one of them. Love it.

  23. Dalibor's rating of the film Carnage

    Underappreciated little gem of a movie, which daringly attempts to adapt a perfectly suited theatrical piece to a celluloid. Amazingly well balanced and inexplicably entertaining it did, however, come close to falling apart when political implications became flat and acting went over-the-top (I'm looking at you, Jodie).

  24. Marcelo Fornari's rating of the film Carnage

    Más bien 2,5... es una película con una premisa ingeniosa e interesante que lamentablemente es desaprovechada por Polanski al no comprometerse totalmente con la sátira y la crítica que pretende transmitir.

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