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  1. Photo of Edgar G. Ulmer

    Edgar G. Ulmer Director

  2. Photo of Karl Kamb

    Karl Kamb Screenplay

  3. Photo of Seena Owen

    Seena Owen Screenplay

  4. Photo of Marsha Hunt

    Marsha Hunt Cast

  5. Photo of William Prince

    William Prince Cast

  6. Photo of Frank McHugh

    Frank McHugh Cast

  7. Photo of Martha O'Driscoll

    Martha O'Driscoll Cast

  8. Photo of Hans Jaray

    Hans Jaray Cast

  9. Photo of Olin Downes

    Olin Downes Cast

  10. Photo of Joseph Buloff

    Joseph Buloff Cast

  11. Photo of Walter Damrosch

    Walter Damrosch Cast

  12. Photo of Bruno Walter

    Bruno Walter Cast

  13. Photo of Lily Pons

    Lily Pons Cast

  14. Photo of Gregor Piatigorsky

    Gregor Piatigorsky Cast

  15. Photo of Risë Stevens

    Risë Stevens Cast

  16. Photo of Artur Rodzinski

    Artur Rodzinski Cast

  17. Photo of Artur Rubinstein

    Artur Rubinstein Cast

  18. Photo of Jan Peerce

    Jan Peerce Cast

  19. Photo of Ezio Pinza

    Ezio Pinza Cast

  20. Photo of Jascha Heifetz

    Jascha Heifetz Cast

  21. Photo of Fritz Reiner

    Fritz Reiner Cast

  22. Photo of Leopold Stokowski

    Leopold Stokowski Cast

  23. Photo of Harry James

    Harry James Cast

  24. Photo of Emile Boreo

    Emile Boreo Cast

  25. Photo of Vaughn Monroe

    Vaughn Monroe Cast

  26. Photo of Alfonso D'Artega

    Alfonso D'Artega Cast

  27. Photo of Harold Dyrenforth

    Harold Dyrenforth Cast

  28. Photo of Eole Galli

    Eole Galli Cast

  29. Photo of Nadia Reisenberg

    Nadia Reisenberg Cast

  30. Photo of William Miller

    William Miller Cinematography

  31. Photo of Max Rée

    Max Rée Production Design and Costume Design

  32. Photo of William LeBaron

    William LeBaron Producer

  33. Photo of Borris Morros

    Borris Morros Producer

  34. Photo of Fred R. Feitshans Jr.

    Fred R. Feitshans Jr. Editing

  35. Photo of Walter R. Hicks

    Walter R. Hicks Sound

  36. Photo of Dick Vorisek

    Dick Vorisek Sound