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  1. alessandrofarris001's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    From an objective point of view, this has a lot of problems. But the ominous atmosphere this film creates is unparalleled.

  2. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    Manages to be technically brilliant and camp fun at the same time. Fans of cinematography and composition will be impressed, at times it felt like Wenders was making a send-up of mid-century horror. As for the horror, it is genuinely creepy - but one suspects it would be more skin-crawling if you mute it - as the organ soundtrack feels dated.

  3. JanP's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    Good idea and lots of nice camera work. The organ music could have done with a little variation and I did get worried about her handbag disappearing and appearing at odd times!

  4. EyesRus's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

  5. Robert H's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    Effective mystery fantasy with a superb female lead and set with some haunting organ music. Quite a lot of foreshadowing which does sometimes break the suspense but otherwise worked well with the ongoing themes of psychological horror.

  6. Charlie Douglas-Hamilton's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    Inventive, and has some great moments. But I feel that the ending doesn't shock as much as I'd hoped and therefore the film's pacing is not redeemed with its slow burn feeling like its worth it. Though easy to see why it was so influential - worth a watch.

  7. Richard Stopford's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    America is at its best when it finds itself disturbing. Taking American culture as a psycho-geography assembled out of tropes, it's a film about those tropes coming apart and the spaces of psychosis that emerge from the gaps. Ultimately its America, and its representations, as a death cult. Its corny, the acting often plastic, and it's trashy. It's also beautifully shot, and its own artificiality suits it perfectly.

  8. Enrico Cioni's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    A beguiling, creepy film, in spite of the relative inexperience of most of its cast and crew, and arguably also in spite of its age. The Next Picture Show podcast dedicated a whole episode to this film (plus an episode where they compare it to David Lowery's A GHOST STORY), and I would highly recommend it:

  9. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    Considering how effective and influential it is, Carnival Of Souls STILL doesn't really seem to be as celebrated as it should be. And trying to praise it without going into too much detail is difficult, but essential to preserve the impact of the movie for many who have still not yet marked it off their viewing lists. A classic little horror movie that casts a very long shadow over the genre to this day.

  10. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    Caligari in Marienbad. An overextended but assured play on spectral horror motifs with more than a passing nod to silent-era horror. Much of its attraction comes from the insistent score for organ and daylight horror thematics but for all this it’s generally derivative with a sagging middle section and a doctor on hand to guide things.

  11. Humberto Freire Aguilar's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    Una maravilla, con un argumento sencillo la narración se vuelve increíble, pues lo que se ve en la pantalla es un gran personaje que sostiene su forma y sentido desde el inicio. Un "Carnaval de almas" es una película muy recomendable.

  12. lou.'s rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    I am generally not attracted by 'horror' movies... but this one stands indubitably out.

  13. Daniel Collins's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    I'd been wanting to see this for a long time and it didn't disappoint. From the eerie organ soundtrack to the stark b&w photography, stagey performances and wide-eyed closeups, Carnival of Souls evokes the uncanny like few other films made before or since. I'm putting it in my personal pantheon somewhere near Eyes Without A Face and Murnau's Nosferatu.

  14. Frank ViSo's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

  15. Carlos Acoshta's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    Película con una música increíble de principio a fin. Imágenes inquietantes y misteriosas que se logran con encuadres muy interesantes durante todo el film.

  16. lucio carbonelli's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    lynch before lynch, and also romero surely loved this movie. a beautiful dark and creepy fantasy.

  17. DimasRimbaud's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    Anjing, itu setan2 berjas dan bergaun item dansa dansa di pasar malem tanpa suara kurang serem apa coba

  18. Graf von Zahl's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    In a movie like this, if you're a musician you surely plan organ in a church. And you're haunted by a nightmarish white-faced figure. And sometimes you lose contact with everyone around you. And this guy sitting in an armchair whose face you cannot see, is he really a doctor?

  19. Paul Rot's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

  20. Anna Fiałkowska's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

  21. Isaac's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    Uma simples e eficiente história, com boas atuações. A representação dos fantasmas é influente, precedendo os zumbis de Romero; a trilha é atmosférica e sinistra; a fotografia é competente, com momentos magníficos como a última visita ao parque; a edição é excelente em criar o senso de desorientação e fantasmagoria. Um clássico do baixo orçamento, do melhor que 1962 poderia oferecer.

  22. Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    Para la época de la filmación un personaje femenino como protagonista es excepcional, y mucho más lo que se plantea de las insinuaciones sexuales, y la posible blasfemia como parte del irrespeto a la iglesia. Amén de una música exasperante, el filme está bien logrado con momentos de encuadres y movimientos de cámara muy elaborados. Un filme que vale la pena ver en el contexto de "cine de terror" sin excesos...

  23. Feellikeanumber's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    On an incredibly small budget, Hatvey managed to create one of the most atmospheric films of our time. Wonderful work with camera and some not so shabby acting. Some trouble with sound editing though. P.S. Those ghouls were something

  24. Quattro's rating of the film Carnival of Souls

    A simple little flick, with straightforward B-movie screenplay&acting and some really good cinematography. It has some good ideas, but maybe they're too few to make a full feature film; and what's worse, each one of them is repeated at least two or three times, so the magic get totally lost and the plot loses any pace as well. At the end I was like: Ok.

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