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  1. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Leo Lieberman

    Leo Lieberman Screenplay and Story

  3. Photo of Susan Cabot

    Susan Cabot Cast

  4. Photo of Brian G. Hutton

    Brian G. Hutton Cast

  5. Photo of David J. Stewart

    David J. Stewart Cast

  6. Photo of Dick Miller

    Dick Miller Cast

  7. Photo of Iris Adrian

    Iris Adrian Cast

  8. Photo of Jonathan Haze

    Jonathan Haze Cast

  9. Photo of Ed Nelson

    Ed Nelson Cast

  10. Photo of Bruno VeSota

    Bruno VeSota Cast

  11. Photo of Chris Alcaide

    Chris Alcaide Cast

  12. Photo of Frankie Ray

    Frankie Ray Cast

  13. Photo of Dorothy Neumann

    Dorothy Neumann Cast

  14. Photo of Yvonne Peattie

    Yvonne Peattie Cast

  15. Photo of David Houston

    David Houston Cast and Music

  16. Photo of Bob Luman

    Bob Luman Cast and Music

  17. Photo of Floyd Crosby

    Floyd Crosby Cinematography

  18. Photo of Walter Greene

    Walter Greene Music

  19. Photo of Buck Ram

    Buck Ram Music

  20. Photo of The Platters

    The Platters Music and Cast

  21. Photo of The Blockbusters

    The Blockbusters Music and Cast

  22. Photo of Robert Kinoshita

    Robert Kinoshita Production Design

  23. Photo of Charles Gross

    Charles Gross Editing

  24. Photo of Marjorie Corso

    Marjorie Corso Costume Design