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  1. Photo of Adam Simon

    Adam Simon Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Darren Moloney

    Darren Moloney Director

  3. Photo of John Brosnan

    John Brosnan Novel and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Diane Ladd

    Diane Ladd Cast

  5. Photo of Raphael Sbarge

    Raphael Sbarge Cast

  6. Photo of Jennifer Runyon

    Jennifer Runyon Cast

  7. Photo of Harrison Page

    Harrison Page Cast

  8. Photo of Ned Bellamy

    Ned Bellamy Cast

  9. Photo of Clint Howard

    Clint Howard Cast

  10. Photo of Frank Novak

    Frank Novak Cast

  11. Photo of Ed Williams

    Ed Williams Cast

  12. Photo of Brent Hinkley

    Brent Hinkley Cast

  13. Photo of Keith Holland

    Keith Holland Cinematography

  14. Photo of Nigel Holton

    Nigel Holton Music

  15. Photo of Aaron Osborne

    Aaron Osborne Production Design

  16. Photo of Mike Elliott

    Mike Elliott Producer

  17. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Richard Gentner

    Richard Gentner Editing

  19. Photo of Lorne Morris

    Lorne Morris Editing

  20. Photo of Brian Slack

    Brian Slack Sound

  21. Photo of Christopher M. Taylor

    Christopher M. Taylor Sound

  22. Photo of Elmo Weber

    Elmo Weber Sound

  23. Photo of Kristin M. Burke

    Kristin M. Burke Costume Design

  24. Photo of John Carl Buechler

    John Carl Buechler Special Effects

  25. Photo of Thomas R. Dickens

    Thomas R. Dickens Special Effects

  26. Photo of Anthony Doublin

    Anthony Doublin Special Effects

  27. Photo of Jeffrey S. Farley

    Jeffrey S. Farley Special Effects

  28. Photo of Kenneth J. Hall

    Kenneth J. Hall Special Effects

  29. Photo of Paul Salamoff

    Paul Salamoff Special Effects

  30. Photo of Mark Weatherbe

    Mark Weatherbe Special Effects