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  1. Photo of Gerald Thomas

    Gerald Thomas Director

  2. Photo of Norman Hudis

    Norman Hudis Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sidney James

    Sidney James Cast

  4. Photo of Kenneth Connor

    Kenneth Connor Cast

  5. Photo of Charles Hawtrey

    Charles Hawtrey Cast

  6. Photo of Joan Sims

    Joan Sims Cast

  7. Photo of Kenneth Williams

    Kenneth Williams Cast

  8. Photo of Bill Owen

    Bill Owen Cast

  9. Photo of Liz Fraser

    Liz Fraser Cast

  10. Photo of Terence Longdon

    Terence Longdon Cast

  11. Photo of Hattie Jacques

    Hattie Jacques Cast

  12. Photo of Esma Cannon

    Esma Cannon Cast

  13. Photo of Sydney Tafler

    Sydney Tafler Cast

  14. Photo of Julia Arnall

    Julia Arnall Cast

  15. Photo of Terence Alexander

    Terence Alexander Cast

  16. Photo of Stanley Unwin

    Stanley Unwin Cast

  17. Photo of Joan Hickson

    Joan Hickson Cast

  18. Photo of Betty Marsden

    Betty Marsden Cast

  19. Photo of Fenella Fielding

    Fenella Fielding Cast

  20. Photo of David Lodge

    David Lodge Cast

  21. Photo of June Jago

    June Jago Cast

  22. Photo of Norman Rossington

    Norman Rossington Cast

  23. Photo of Cyril Chamberlain

    Cyril Chamberlain Cast

  24. Photo of Ambrosine Phillpotts

    Ambrosine Phillpotts Cast

  25. Photo of Molly Weir

    Molly Weir Cast

  26. Photo of Eric Pohlmann

    Eric Pohlmann Cast

  27. Photo of Nicholas Parsons

    Nicholas Parsons Cast

  28. Photo of Patrick Cargill

    Patrick Cargill Cast

  29. Photo of Victor Maddern

    Victor Maddern Cast

  30. Photo of Joe Robinson

    Joe Robinson Cast

  31. Photo of Tom Clegg

    Tom Clegg Cast

  32. Photo of Lucy Griffiths

    Lucy Griffiths Cast

  33. Photo of Judith Furse

    Judith Furse Cast

  34. Photo of Alan Hume

    Alan Hume Cinematography

  35. Photo of Bruce Montgomery

    Bruce Montgomery Music

  36. Photo of Peter Rogers

    Peter Rogers Producer

  37. Photo of Basil Keys

    Basil Keys Producer

  38. Photo of John Shirley

    John Shirley Editing