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  1. Photo of Gerald Thomas

    Gerald Thomas Director

  2. Photo of Talbot Rothwell

    Talbot Rothwell Screenplay

  3. Photo of Frankie Howerd

    Frankie Howerd Cast

  4. Photo of Sidney James

    Sidney James Cast

  5. Photo of Charles Hawtrey

    Charles Hawtrey Cast

  6. Photo of Joan Sims

    Joan Sims Cast

  7. Photo of Terry Scott

    Terry Scott Cast

  8. Photo of Kenneth Connor

    Kenneth Connor Cast

  9. Photo of Bernard Bresslaw

    Bernard Bresslaw Cast

  10. Photo of Jacki Piper

    Jacki Piper Cast

  11. Photo of Valerie Leon

    Valerie Leon Cast

  12. Photo of Reuben Martin

    Reuben Martin Cast

  13. Photo of Edwina Carroll

    Edwina Carroll Cast

  14. Photo of Danny Daniels

    Danny Daniels Cast

  15. Photo of Yemi Ajibade

    Yemi Ajibade Cast

  16. Photo of Nina Baden-Semper

    Nina Baden-Semper Cast

  17. Photo of Heather Emmanuel

    Heather Emmanuel Cast

  18. Photo of John Ashley Hamilton

    John Ashley Hamilton Cast

  19. Photo of Oscar James

    Oscar James Cast

  20. Photo of Willie Jonah

    Willie Jonah Cast

  21. Photo of Jeffery Kissoon

    Jeffery Kissoon Cast

  22. Photo of Roy Stewart

    Roy Stewart Cast

  23. Photo of Shalini Waran

    Shalini Waran Cast

  24. Photo of Ernest Steward

    Ernest Steward Cinematography

  25. Photo of Eric Rogers

    Eric Rogers Music

  26. Photo of Peter Rogers

    Peter Rogers Producer

  27. Photo of Alfred Roome

    Alfred Roome Editing

  28. Photo of Ken Barker

    Ken Barker Sound

  29. Photo of Robert T. MacPhee

    Robert T. MacPhee Sound

  30. Photo of Colin Miller

    Colin Miller Sound

  31. Photo of Graham V. Hartstone

    Graham V. Hartstone Sound

  32. Photo of John Hayward

    John Hayward Sound

  33. Photo of Austin Partridge

    Austin Partridge Sound

  34. Photo of Otto Snel

    Otto Snel Sound

  35. Photo of Courtenay Elliott

    Courtenay Elliott Costume Design

  36. Photo of Alex Vetchinsky

    Alex Vetchinsky Art Department

  37. Photo of Bert Luxford

    Bert Luxford Special Effects