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  1. Federico D'Accinni's rating of the film Cartel Land

    A lucid and visionary investigation on Mexican drug cartels and the men that silently fight against them; Heineman's documentary brings the human experience of such heroes back to light, proving how often good men get unjustly ostracized by political figures surveiling from above. CARTEL LAND is a brave achievement in documentary filmmaking & a cinematic voyage that deserves the attention it has been receiving.

  2. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Cartel Land

    I had no idea that parts of Mexico have become so desperate due to the drug war. Gripping documentary about a really interesting subject. Some of the "action" sequences are better than the likes of what Michael Mann has been putting out for years. I especially liked the exploration of vigilantism and how the militia have effectively turned into the cartels they wanted to stop. It is beautifully shot too.

  3. pezfelinoespia's rating of the film Cartel Land

    Cartel land, un documental que realmente parece una película... donde muestra que no solos los narcos quieren seguir con este negocio, como es el caso de las autodefensas, algo que comenzó con la mejor de las intenciones por el Dr. Mireles... este documental demuestra que en vez de terminar con el problema finalmente terminan haciéndolos aun más fuertes

  4. kris's rating of the film Cartel Land

    Im a fan of anything genuine and this feels real, as documentary's go, this is basically a guy following people around with a camera. The cartel horrors are brutal and inhuman, yet the government seem to brush it under the carpet. Sadly the towns in the direction of the trafficking are at high risk of corruption and threats, so they try to fight back, although violence breeds fear and power fuels greed.

  5. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Cartel Land

  6. Chris CS's rating of the film Cartel Land

    Amazing vérité, but the politics are from a far too American perspective. In this war on drugs the only baddies are conscienceless and corrupt Mexicans. American drug dealers, users, politicians, the military industrial complex, Wall street and Hollywood do not feature. Watch 'The War on Democracy' (2007) for balance.

  7. THE APOLL0's rating of the film Cartel Land

    They should have edited out all of the American material as it doesn't fit with the Mexican side of the narrative which is the real core of the film. If he really wanted to use the American footage it could have been it's own separate film.

  8. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Cartel Land

    Terribile ed inquietante documentario di Heineman,che racconta uno spaccato di guerra che troppo spesso viene romanzato ed edulcorato da Hollywood.Quì invece il taglio è netto,si racconta di uomini e di violenza,non c'è speranza,si tagliano teste e si rastrellano case come fosse l'unica cosa da fare nella vita.Gente disperata,storie raggelanti,personaggi che dovrebbero sparire dalla Terra: lacerante davvero.

  9.'s rating of the film Cartel Land

    very deep, truth, beautiful & bitter!

  10. Henrique Amud's rating of the film Cartel Land

    Cycle of Violence, here it comes again. Heineman's got guts to film the action in loco, but somehow it felt a bit shallow, but still powerful and educating.

  11. miles's rating of the film Cartel Land

  12. muh.'s rating of the film Cartel Land

    a documentary that looks more like a feature film showing how much of the war on drugs is complete bullshit. there is no binary characterization of people involved. everything is dissatisfyingly grey showing how local warlords fueled on profit and disregard for human life are dissolving the very fabric of communities they poison.

  13. Eric Clapp's rating of the film Cartel Land

    Superb and deeply courageous documentary filmmaking.

  14. Daniel Alanis's rating of the film Cartel Land

    Wow, the real deal. As a Mexican I was expecting a much blander documentary and boy was I wrong. The American border part was ok, but the juice is really on the Mexican story. 5/5 Mexican side, 3/5 American side.

  15. el.'s rating of the film Cartel Land

    4,5/5. Almost perfect. An intriguing topic with so much interesting data and situational experience.

  16. Jørgen Lien's rating of the film Cartel Land

  17. Dan's rating of the film Cartel Land

    4.5* "Is this real? These are reenactments, right? This can't be real. It's not real!" - Things that crossed my mind for about 98 minutes.

  18. Valentina Sanchez's rating of the film Cartel Land

    This is the real deal, why watch Sicario when there's Cartel Land.

  19. Angela Guerrero's rating of the film Cartel Land

  20. Konrad Szlendak's rating of the film Cartel Land

    Loved it. This is one of these rare drug/political documentaries which show how pointless it all is in a country overridden by corruption and drug traffic in which everybody scores although it's technically illegal, and everybody double crosses one another.

  21. Ultra Kebab's rating of the film Cartel Land

  22. paulina's rating of the film Cartel Land

    Diverse,bit chaotic. Shows cartel and dealing with it is a main theme but above that we follow a story of Mexican community who fight against it. When they losing the leader they becoming allies of government, who support cartel.On the other side group of Americans checking the border, with a mission of small steps to fight it.There is not change as everyone is under an umbrella of cartel, which exists in symbiosis.

  23. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film Cartel Land

    The Wild West from both sides.

  24. Àlex Frias Haro's rating of the film Cartel Land

    Parece que estamos en el escenario de un thriller hollywoodense, pero lo que muestra este magnífico documental es la vida real, en donde gente común y corriente, tanto en México (las autodefensas en Michoacán) como en la frontera de EU (la patrulla fronteriza), toma la justicia por su propia mano para combatir la violencia de los cárteles de la droga. Intenso e intrigante, incluso la adrenalina del espectador sube.

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