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  1. Photo of Roberto Rossellini

    Roberto Rossellini Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Renzo Rossellini

    Renzo Rossellini Producer

  3. Photo of Luciano Scaffa

    Luciano Scaffa Screenplay

  4. Photo of Marcella Mariani

    Marcella Mariani Screenplay

  5. Photo of Mario Montuori

    Mario Montuori Cinematography

  6. Photo of Jolanda Benvenuti

    Jolanda Benvenuti Editing

  7. Photo of Mario Nascimbene

    Mario Nascimbene Music

  8. Photo of Marcella de Marchis

    Marcella de Marchis Costume Design

  9. Photo of Ugo Gardea

    Ugo Gardea Cast

  10. Photo of Anne Pouchie

    Anne Pouchie Cast

  11. Photo of Kenneth Belton

    Kenneth Belton Cast

  12. Photo of Vernon Dobtcheff

    Vernon Dobtcheff Cast

  13. Photo of Renato Montalbano

    Renato Montalbano Cast

  14. Photo of Gabriele Banchero

    Gabriele Banchero Cast