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  1. Daniel Roque's rating of the film Casa Grande

    @Festival Luso-Brasileiro 2018.

  2. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Casa Grande

  3. empcollapse's rating of the film Casa Grande

    I like how it was filmed. Talked about the class differences in Brazil and showed how racism is still very evident and clear. I loved Luiza so much, she articulated how she was feeling about the racial quotas in law during lunch with Jean's friends and family. Jean clearly felt uncomfortable about how she spoke her mind and the injustices she faces, while he just swallows what his parents think and talk.

  4. mgaspa's rating of the film Casa Grande

  5. SafeStanding's rating of the film Casa Grande

    Quality social drama, top cinematrography and acting in this portrayal of an upper class Brazilian family facing financial struggles. Well worth the investment of time.

  6. chloe's rating of the film Casa Grande

    I think this film deserves at least an average 4 stars. very involving, nice threading of the different story-lines and motifs of privilege, coming of age, sex, music. good film to chill in the evening, bit of light relief from the heavy cinema you can get on mubi

  7. Emre's rating of the film Casa Grande

    A down to earth film, showing how fragile family relationships can be. While it could potentially be called too diluted, it provides a overlook on societal change and how it affects the individual, in this case a teenager who's struggling with his daily life. One notice: don't watch the trailer before seeing the film, as it gives away all the high points!

  8. Furio Spinosi's rating of the film Casa Grande

    Please Mubi, put more Brazilian and south american movies, they are so nice!

  9. Hind Bendaace's rating of the film Casa Grande

    Great scenario, great actors. I was in such a mood that I was completely touched. The end is, I think, just as it should be.

  10. Marco Bevilacqua's rating of the film Casa Grande

    I like the "realistic" approach in making this film, totally sincere and without any filter. In the space of one movie, the director tells the story and the actual situation of the rich social class not only in Brasil but in all Latin America. Without any use of sophisticated techniques we can enter the world of what now are considered emerging countries with their hidden problems.

  11. fluforget's rating of the film Casa Grande

    3.5/5; i felt like watching brazilian hollywood or soap opera though it was easy, understandable and somewhat close to recognizable european reality after series of non-cliche films here.

  12. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Casa Grande

    Lo mejor de "Casa grande" tiene que ver con lo sugerente. Una familia se encuentra en crisis y ninguno de sus familiares lo menciona, muy a pesar, el espectador lo percibe a través de ciertos detalles. Una deuda, una caída desde un árbol, peleas entre sus miembros. La división clasista de pronto se va disolviendo, como si de pronto se estuviese reconociendo al otro como igual. Es la decadencia de una clase.