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  1. Christopher Scott Zeidel's rating of the film Casablanca

    Maybe not as great as Citizen Kane, but it is still nearly perfect. It is one of the greatest love stories. Its story grabs me tightly and maintains my interest. But seriously, what can we say about great films like this that has not already been said?

  2. Harry Rossi's rating of the film Casablanca

    What is there to be said? Some movies are just perfect.

  3. Zach Eastman's rating of the film Casablanca

    I never grow tired of this beloved classic. Fantastic direction by Curtiz, a clever and effective script, and Claude Reins in an oscar worthy performance. Just love everything about this flick, its my Second favorite film of all time bar none

  4. laurab's rating of the film Casablanca

    It's easy to categorize parts of this movie as cheesy, but really, it might be just too perfect sometimes. The national anthem scene is near the top of my 'best on screen moments of all time' list, so moving.

  5. lukasbicho's rating of the film Casablanca

    El clásico de los clásicos, por fin pude verlo en pantalla grande, y así se contempla por fin la grandeza del propio film. Hollywood en su edad de oro; la incertidumbre total, tanto en la realidad del mundo como en el set de rodaje. Personajes afilados, cínicos, apasionados, entre el compromiso y el escurridizo amor; y sobre todo, un ritmo fenomenal. Hay que verla más veces.

  6. ach's rating of the film Casablanca

    nb da vedere in inglese, senza scuse.

  7. HeadGEAR's rating of the film Casablanca

    This is one film that absolutely MUST be in your DVD library!

  8. Benjamin's rating of the film Casablanca

  9. Anita Laura's rating of the film Casablanca

    Buee al fin ví el clásico de los clásicos y si me ncantó! creo que "As time goes by" es ahora el tema más romántico que escuché...y escucé las frases más famosas! jajajaj :)

  10. Pradipta Mitra's rating of the film Casablanca

    Quite good. would watch it again.

  11. Asher's rating of the film Casablanca

    I FINALLY watched this! Pretty good movie I must say.

  12. justinslot's rating of the film Casablanca

    I love this movie, but it's odd to see in on a site called The Auteurs. We need a site for films that fall in the Casablanca category--great films that were not produced by auteurs, but rather were the collaborations of a lot of talented individuals (and productions of studio cinema) that gelled into something wonderful.

  13. Fritz's rating of the film Casablanca

    I appreciated it more the second time's all about the acting and the screen play ^_^

  14. Dan.'s rating of the film Casablanca

    id probably think this is a great movie... if i watched it back in the 60s, but unfortunately i was not born then. Iconic characters, great lines, and classy story, but just wayyyy too dated, which isn't its fault, it just has yesterdays gendered values being watched in todays world, pure and simple, and it just does not sit well. If you can get past that and maybe it just does not bother you at all, then its great

  15. Addiena of Mubi land's rating of the film Casablanca

    They dont make it like this nemore..

  16. Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film Casablanca

    Just saw in 35mm. Wow. Amazing how this doesn't feel at all dated!

  17. HenriqueA's rating of the film Casablanca

    That Marseillaise scene gets me every time, man!

  18. Gonçalo Jácome's rating of the film Casablanca

  19. moonmaster9000's rating of the film Casablanca

    It's all too easy living here in America to turn our heads and ignore the world's misery. But was it possible during WWII? Bogey tried, and might have succeeded had the tragically beautiful Ingrid Bergman not stepped in. We all know that war brings out the worst in humanity; Casablanca reminds us that in some cases, it also brings out the best in us.

  20. Branden's rating of the film Casablanca

    I have heard all of the praise that was bestowed upon this movie over the years. Finally seeing the movie, I didn't get what the fuss was all about. The love story between Rick and Ilsa was not explored enough to get into it. That was my biggest problem with the movie. Ingrid Bergman was lit so beautifully. The stillness of the camera was very effective, but I expected a little depth.

  21. Dave's rating of the film Casablanca

    Still the first movie that comes to mind when I think of classic Hollywood. Watching this movie is pure cinematic bliss and I could watch it over and over again. Everyone involved is at the top of their game - Bogart, Rains, Lorre, Henreid, Bergman, Greenstreet. It's lofty reputation might be hard to live up to, but Casablanca does so. This movie never fails to bring a smile to my face.

  22. Byron Brubaker's rating of the film Casablanca

    More iconic lines and music. Love the shadowy film noir aesthetic of this film. "The problems of a few people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world."

  23. Sophia Bravo's rating of the film Casablanca

    It's just too good a movie. You can't know American cinema and NOT see it.

  24. Anastasia's rating of the film Casablanca

    A film like this isn't about whether it's "great" or not, so much as it is a true classic, a movie people can watch for generations and appreciate, historically and aesthetically. "Casablanca" is one of the few benchmarks of American culture, since we have so few things to identify with as Americans en masse, I'm glad that this film is one of them.