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  1. Photo of Hideo Gosha

    Hideo Gosha Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Yasuko Ono

    Yasuko Ono Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tatsuya Nakadai

    Tatsuya Nakadai Cast

  4. Photo of Hideyo Amamoto

    Hideyo Amamoto Cast

  5. Photo of Mikijiro Hira

    Mikijiro Hira Cast

  6. Photo of Hisashi Igawa

    Hisashi Igawa Cast

  7. Photo of Kaneko Iwasaki

    Kaneko Iwasaki Cast

  8. Photo of Toshie Kimura

    Toshie Kimura Cast

  9. Photo of Miyuki Kuwano

    Miyuki Kuwano Cast

  10. Photo of Ichirô Nakatani

    Ichirô Nakatani Cast

  11. Photo of Kunie Tanaka

    Kunie Tanaka Cast

  12. Photo of Masaru Satô

    Masaru Satô Music

  13. Photo of Tadashi Sakai

    Tadashi Sakai Cinematography