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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Cash on Demand

    Excellent huis clos britannique mettant en scène un étonnant rapport de force entre un superbe Peter Cushing "dévampirisé" et un André Morrell impérial et massif comme à son habitude, réalisé par un maigre tâcheron du Septième Art, bien plus prolifique dans ses nombreuses et variées productions télévisées...

  2. En Sangers Bøn's rating of the film Cash on Demand

    Old fashion mystery, a bit monolithic and too talkative but good acting, including an other brilliant performance by Peter cushing.

  3. ExperimentoFilm's rating of the film Cash on Demand

    Winston Smith and O'Brien together again.

  4. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Cash on Demand

    My favorite scene of Cash on Demand is the opening credits one with superb travellings driving us from the main door of the bank to its strongroom. The rest of the film is watchable with an agreeable outdated charm but I often had the feeling to see a play and not a film. Good Peter Cushing performance, though. Already forgotten.