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  1. Photo of Fernandel

    Fernandel Cast

  2. Photo of Bernard La Jarrige

    Bernard La Jarrige Cast

  3. Photo of Robert Seller

    Robert Seller Cast

  4. Photo of Darling Légitimus

    Darling Légitimus Cast

  5. Photo of Cécile Didier

    Cécile Didier Cast

  6. Photo of Jaqueline Duc

    Jaqueline Duc Cast

  7. Photo of Charles Fawcett

    Charles Fawcett Cast

  8. Photo of Lucien Hector

    Lucien Hector Cast

  9. Photo of Julien Maffre

    Julien Maffre Cast

  10. Photo of Edmond Méry

    Edmond Méry Cast

  11. Photo of Andre Numes Fils

    Andre Numes Fils Cast

  12. Photo of Germaine Montero

    Germaine Montero Cast

  13. Photo of Richard Pottier

    Richard Pottier Director