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Ratings & Reviews

  1.'s rating of the film Casino Raiders II

    Proof that Johnny To has been killing it for 20+ years. Masterpiece. I keep digging deeper, looking for the immature missing link, and all I find are exquisitely framed, beautifully lit riffs on cinema as entertainment, replete with balletic movement and an impetuous logic, a world where convention fertilizes invention, where the good guys face real danger and the bad guys must be defeated before they can die.

  2. nrh's rating of the film Casino Raiders II

    a young man's masterpiece - joyfully playing with the expressive possibilities of film, with no need to double down and decide what's right. neon lights, family bonds, synth score, flying birds, haze diffusion, puts the lie to the notion that to wasn't a force to be reckoned with before '98 or so.