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  1. Photo of Colin Eggleston

    Colin Eggleston Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of John Ruane

    John Ruane Screenplay

  3. Photo of Christopher Fitchett

    Christopher Fitchett Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mikael Borglund

    Mikael Borglund Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Phil Gerlach

    Phil Gerlach Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Trevor Lucas

    Trevor Lucas Music, Producer

  7. Photo of Ian Mason

    Ian Mason Music

  8. Photo of Garry Wapshott

    Garry Wapshott Cinematography

  9. Photo of Josephine Cook

    Josephine Cook Editing

  10. Photo of Stewart Burnside

    Stewart Burnside Production Design

  11. Photo of Tegan Charles

    Tegan Charles Cast

  12. Photo of Tessa Humphries

    Tessa Humphries Cast

  13. Photo of Dylan O'Neill

    Dylan O'Neill Cast

  14. Photo of Briony Behets

    Briony Behets Cast

  15. Photo of Natalie McCurry

    Natalie McCurry Cast

  16. Photo of Shane Briant

    Shane Briant Cast

  17. Photo of Tim Burns

    Tim Burns Cast

  18. Photo of Susan Barling

    Susan Barling Cast

  19. Photo of James Lee

    James Lee Cast

  20. Photo of Jeff Watson

    Jeff Watson Cast

  21. Photo of Gary Traill

    Gary Traill Cast

  22. Photo of Kit Taylor

    Kit Taylor Cast

  23. Photo of Jeff Truman

    Jeff Truman Cast

  24. Photo of Kate Carruthers

    Kate Carruthers Cast

  25. Photo of John Ley

    John Ley Cast