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  1. Photo of João Pinto

    João Pinto Director, Screenplay Cinematography

  2. Photo of Adelino Tavares

    Adelino Tavares Cast

  3. Photo of Ana Catalão

    Ana Catalão Cast

  4. Photo of Anabela Teixeira

    Anabela Teixeira Cast

  5. Photo of Carla Bolito

    Carla Bolito Cast

  6. Photo of Cristina Freixo

    Cristina Freixo Cast

  7. Photo of Dalila Carmo

    Dalila Carmo Cast

  8. Photo of Gracinda Nave

    Gracinda Nave Cast

  9. Photo of Mafalda Vilhena

    Mafalda Vilhena Cast

  10. Photo of Magda Fernandes

    Magda Fernandes Cast

  11. Photo of Margarida Miranda

    Margarida Miranda Cast

  12. Photo of Marina Albuquerque

    Marina Albuquerque Cast

  13. Photo of Miguel Borges

    Miguel Borges Cast

  14. Photo of Miguel Mendes

    Miguel Mendes Cast

  15. Photo of Paula Varanda

    Paula Varanda Cast

  16. Photo of Paulo Balonas

    Paulo Balonas Cast

  17. Photo of Quim Grosso

    Quim Grosso Cast

  18. Photo of Rafaela Santos

    Rafaela Santos Cast

  19. Photo of Tiago Gomes

    Tiago Gomes Cast

  20. Photo of Nuno Olim

    Nuno Olim Cinematography

  21. Photo of Miguel Sargento

    Miguel Sargento Cinematography

  22. Photo of João Serralha

    João Serralha Cinematography

  23. Photo of Flapi Simões

    Flapi Simões Music

  24. Photo of Miguel Vicente

    Miguel Vicente Sound and Cinematography