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Ratings & Reviews

  1. msmichel's rating of the film Castle Freak

    Uncut version. Gordon's 'Castle Freak' paled next to his earlier efforts on release but 20 plus years later actually holds up very well in it's tale of an estranged couple and their blind daughter inheriting a castle in Italy not knowing that they have company. The chemistry between Crampton and Combs works the relationship angle well and the bloodlust throughout makes it a memorable horror feature as well.

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Castle Freak

    A part quelques rares séquences de gore bien amenées, le reste du film ne vaut vraiment pas grand chose, comme souvent d'ailleurs chez Stuart Gordon...

  3. Matthew Catanzano's rating of the film Castle Freak

    As a horror film, this works. As a drama, I thought it was lacking. They went for the obvious conclusion instead of the smart one. Great acting and suspense, I didn't like some of it because the characters were just too real. I could empathize with each of them including the monster, its too bad the director didn't. The ending is disappointing.

  4. Rocco's rating of the film Castle Freak

    A nastier affair than one would expect from Stuart Gordon. Though a little rough around the edges (being a direct to video feature and all) there's something truly dreadful about the crumbling marriage at the film's center and the ghastly, horny mutant running rampant beneath the family's feet. Combs and Crampton do some of their best work here.

  5. film_lies101's rating of the film Castle Freak

    After an really awkward & bad opening, this settles into one of Gordon's best flicks w/ some of the most consistent acting in his filmography

  6. Landen Celano's rating of the film Castle Freak

    What a grimy, disgusting little gem!

  7. Junda Mane's rating of the film Castle Freak

    One of the better features from the Full Moon stable. Jeffrey Combs & Barbara Crampton add some class to the proceedings and the film is pretty understated until the prostitute enters the foray. Pretty good for a direct-to-video outing.

  8. domina vegrandis's rating of the film Castle Freak

    I don't want to have sex ever again after seeing this. Also, the makeup is pretty spectacular.

  9. NoOneJones's rating of the film Castle Freak

    Underrated. Also some of the grossest makeup ever.

  10. solar anus's rating of the film Castle Freak

    My cuddle freak, Castle Freak!

  11. Cacophonism's rating of the film Castle Freak

    CORRECTION: "H.P. Lovecraft" should read "H. P. Lovecraft" with the space between H and P so that this page and the Dreams in the Witch-House page which I submitted can match with the existing cast member page for H. P. Lovecraft. Can someone please fix this?