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  1. Photo of Mayumi Tanaka

    Mayumi Tanaka Cast

  2. Photo of Keiko Yokozawa

    Keiko Yokozawa Cast

  3. Photo of Kotoe Hatsui

    Kotoe Hatsui Cast

  4. Photo of Minori Terada

    Minori Terada Cast

  5. Photo of Fujio Tokita

    Fujio Tokita Cast

  6. Photo of Ichirō Nagai

    Ichirō Nagai Cast

  7. Photo of Hiroshi Ito

    Hiroshi Ito Cast

  8. Photo of Machiko Washio

    Machiko Washio Cast

  9. Photo of Takumi Kamiyama

    Takumi Kamiyama Cast

  10. Photo of Yoshito Yasuhara

    Yoshito Yasuhara Cast

  11. Photo of Sukekiyo Kameyama

    Sukekiyo Kameyama Cast

  12. Photo of Eken Mine

    Eken Mine Cast

  13. Photo of Tarako

    Tarako Cast

  14. Photo of Reiko Suzuki

    Reiko Suzuki Cast

  15. Photo of Masashi Sugawara

    Masashi Sugawara Cast

  16. Photo of Tomomichi Nishimura

    Tomomichi Nishimura Cast

  17. Photo of Toshihiko Seki

    Toshihiko Seki Cast

  18. Photo of Hôchû Ôtsuka

    Hôchû Ôtsuka Cast

  19. Photo of Megumi Hayashibara

    Megumi Hayashibara Cast

  20. Photo of Joe Hisaishi

    Joe Hisaishi Music

  21. Photo of Isao Takahata

    Isao Takahata Producer

  22. Photo of Yoshihiro Kasahara

    Yoshihiro Kasahara Editing

  23. Photo of Hayao Miyazaki

    Hayao Miyazaki Editing, Director Screenplay

  24. Photo of Takeshi Seyama

    Takeshi Seyama Editing

  25. Photo of Hironori Ono

    Hironori Ono Sound

  26. Photo of Kazutoshi Satou

    Kazutoshi Satou Sound

  27. Photo of Shigeharu Shiba

    Shigeharu Shiba Sound

  28. Photo of Toyoaki Emura

    Toyoaki Emura Animation

  29. Photo of Masaaki Endo

    Masaaki Endo Animation

  30. Photo of Tadashi Fukuda

    Tadashi Fukuda Animation

  31. Photo of Makiko Futaki

    Makiko Futaki Animation

  32. Photo of Katsu Hisamura

    Katsu Hisamura Animation

  33. Photo of Kumiko Iijima

    Kumiko Iijima Animation

  34. Photo of Megumi Kagawa

    Megumi Kagawa Animation

  35. Photo of Yoshinori Kanada

    Yoshinori Kanada Animation

  36. Photo of Toshio Kawaguchi

    Toshio Kawaguchi Animation

  37. Photo of Hiroshi Kawasaki

    Hiroshi Kawasaki Animation

  38. Photo of Kazuhiro Kinoshita

    Kazuhiro Kinoshita Animation

  39. Photo of Kazuyuki Kobayashi

    Kazuyuki Kobayashi Animation

  40. Photo of Katsuya Kondô

    Katsuya Kondô Animation

  41. Photo of Kitaro Kosaka

    Kitaro Kosaka Animation

  42. Photo of Mahiro Maeda

    Mahiro Maeda Animation

  43. Photo of Noriko Moritomo

    Noriko Moritomo Animation

  44. Photo of Osamu Nabeshima

    Osamu Nabeshima Animation

  45. Photo of Yasuhiro Nakura

    Yasuhiro Nakura Animation

  46. Photo of Shinji Otsuka

    Shinji Otsuka Animation

  47. Photo of Michiyo Sakurai

    Michiyo Sakurai Animation

  48. Photo of Masako Shinohara

    Masako Shinohara Animation

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