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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Cat Chaser

    Delivers. Elmore Leonard and Abel Ferrara were well-matched. Brutal third act.

  2. Duarte Lima's rating of the film Cat Chaser

    a study on the animality of the human being

  3.'s rating of the film Cat Chaser

    Mind-bogglingly underrated. Ferrara does a direct-to-video noir buttressed by an Elmore Leonard script and music by Jazz legend Chick Corea. Charles Durning is a conniver with a hush puppy, all local color and no conscience. Peter Weller will do whatever is necessary to continue fucking Kelly McGillis. It's the 80s, so of course he's got to end up with the cash and the femme. Vulgar Auteurists, put this in the queue.