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  1. Photo of Lee Sholem

    Lee Sholem Director

  2. Photo of Sherman H. Dryer

    Sherman H. Dryer Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Jack Bartlett

    Jack Bartlett Producer

  4. Photo of Bond Blackman

    Bond Blackman Producer

  5. Photo of Clyde Ware

    Clyde Ware Screenplay

  6. Photo of Sam Pierce

    Sam Pierce Screenplay

  7. Photo of Ted V. Mikels

    Ted V. Mikels Cinematography

  8. Photo of Tommy Kirk

    Tommy Kirk Cast

  9. Photo of Del Moore

    Del Moore Cast

  10. Photo of Peter Duryea

    Peter Duryea Cast

  11. Photo of Robert Donner

    Robert Donner Cast

  12. Photo of Ulla Strömstedt

    Ulla Strömstedt Cast

  13. Photo of Jim Begg

    Jim Begg Cast

  14. Photo of Sue Casey

    Sue Casey Cast

  15. Photo of Lyle Waggoner

    Lyle Waggoner Cast

  16. Photo of Michael Blodgett

    Michael Blodgett Cast

  17. Photo of Bonnie Lomann

    Bonnie Lomann Cast

  18. Photo of Britt Nilsson

    Britt Nilsson Cast

  19. Photo of Donna Russell

    Donna Russell Cast

  20. Photo of James Almanzar

    James Almanzar Cast

  21. Photo of Lee Deane

    Lee Deane Cast

  22. Photo of Venita Wolf

    Venita Wolf Cast

  23. Photo of Brian Cutler

    Brian Cutler Cast

  24. Photo of Peter Mamakos

    Peter Mamakos Cast

  25. Photo of Little Richard

    Little Richard Cast

  26. Photo of Carol Connors

    Carol Connors Cast

  27. Photo of The Cascades

    The Cascades Cast

  28. Photo of Herman Freedman

    Herman Freedman Editing

  29. Photo of Jerry Long

    Jerry Long Music

  30. Photo of Rod Sutton

    Rod Sutton Sound

  31. Photo of John Caper Jr.

    John Caper Jr. Music