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  1. Erika Jane's rating of the film Catfish

    Bit effected but still an intriguing watch

  2. Lawrence's rating of the film Catfish

    Like an hour and a half buzzfeed article.. as in it is addictive and has a point to convey. Whether it justifies the length, convinces us all enough to care, and leaves you feeling good is another matter. Worth watching possibly solely to comprehend the use of the word in modern journalism.

  3. We are all ghosts!'s rating of the film Catfish

  4. Amyx's rating of the film Catfish

    very much felt fake, some good acting from angela though, an interesting idea but overall a boring mockumentary.

  5. India Dickinson's rating of the film Catfish

    creepy and an interesting watch

  6. mattywuh's rating of the film Catfish

    Decidedly unconvincing as the tale it presents itself to be. Whether it is a story told in half truths, or purely a fabrication designed to trick the viewer, Catfish does raise interesting questions on the dynamic between balancing aspirations and deceit in an age where we can portray ourselves as living the life we wished we had.

  7. nickolia's rating of the film Catfish

    i don't care and will forget this film the second after i post this comment.

  8. GreenROCK's rating of the film Catfish

  9. raggiodisole's rating of the film Catfish

    Some people would have you believe that the perils of the digital world are new, but its all the same underneath. Lost people looking to find and be found

  10. Vickie Retallick's rating of the film Catfish

    It's not terrible but I felt cheated by how fake it felt and not a documentary, more like reality tv

  11. tomfdzv's rating of the film Catfish

    2.5 It made me think about how lonely people might really be, and how many masks do we put on, but it isn't an amazing movie

  12. andy ape's rating of the film Catfish

    I've read a lot of mixed reviews about this film, both on MUBI and elsewhere debating whether this is true or not. Personally, I think these type of films should be taken at face value and enjoyed for what they are. I really enjoyed Catfish and if true, then its a great documentary but if not, then the filmmakers should be applauded for their imagination in the storytelling and character creation & representation.

  13. Ariel Rowan's rating of the film Catfish

  14. Eva Bosch's rating of the film Catfish

  15. Liam Connors's rating of the film Catfish

  16. f-nanda's rating of the film Catfish

    Really? "Its not what it seems."

  17. Pymo's rating of the film Catfish

    Searching for Abby, finding Angela.

  18. eharadon's rating of the film Catfish

    This guy really gets on my nerves. He sure loves himself though. Nothing more than reality TV.

  19. Dogville59's rating of the film Catfish

    One of the most beautiful films I have ever seen. So much in here: about technology, virtual fantasy and / or trickery, loneliness, appearances vs what's deep inside a person, compassion, and on and on creatively directorship, a mix of documentary and fantasy only possible in the internet age.

  20. maravicente's rating of the film Catfish

    I Awkwardly wish this was real.

  21. Tyler Michael's rating of the film Catfish

    forgot that i had seen this until i saw it in someone's filmography. that should clarify the impact it had. there are questionable goals for making the documentary (are we to feel enlightened that people can represent themselves unrealistically online?), as well as a general "cleanness" to the investigative elements that makes it boring. it makes great attempts at humanism but fails in that it simply "explains."

  22. ULA ZUHRA's rating of the film Catfish

    was this a comedy? i laughed my ass off the whole movie (out of awkwardness)

  23. Roberto Ivan Gonzalez Bueno's rating of the film Catfish

    It is more representative of the networked world than The Social Network because The Social Network does not take on the topic of the networked world, so it's unfair to make the comparison. The Social Network deals with the making of Facebook -and that is, only on the surface-, not the impact Facebook has on our social lives.

  24. Kellie Edwards's rating of the film Catfish

    Catfish- that was really thought provoking! - all i got to say is " 2 kinds of crazy" u gotta be the nicest guy on the planet cause i personally would have beat the hell out of the woman- unbeleiveable- I am recommending all my friends watch your movie. You are amazingly kind.