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  1. CJ Roy's rating of the film Catfish

    Can't wait to see the documentary that shows the horrifying truth of the world we all live in. You know, the "mysterious" truth we all already know but are willing to ignore for the sake of entertainment. I'm sensing a lot of similar vibes like with the King of Kong.

  2. pivic's rating of the film Catfish

    This film surprised me a little, mostly because the characters were all so human. And real, to tweak a word that gets its tweaking in the film, to say the least. This is a documentary, but I shan't say about what. All in all: interesting and good about parts of a very human condition.

  3. mcnail's rating of the film Catfish

    I think I kind of agree with Farida. Not a bad documentary at all, but the marketing is insanely misleading.

  4. faridaamar's rating of the film Catfish

    I felt betrayed. The trailer led me to believe it was a suspense thriller - primarily because it says "The last forty minutes of the film will take you on an emotional roller-caster ride that you won't be able to shake for days." Fucking bullshit. Nothing thrilling about it. For all of you who have not yet seen the film, nothing happens. Literally nothing happens. Don't go.

  5. Zac Zellers's rating of the film Catfish

    reminiscent of the movie "Close-Up" in theme. I thought it was really well edited, also. Yaniv was sort of unlikeable as were most of the characters, but I thought that it was still very good at being unsettling and compelling. I think this is a very important movie.

  6. Raymer's rating of the film Catfish

    Everyone involved with this movie is guilty of deception on some level. I think the ultimate question is whether the directors' lies are more heinous than that of their subject.

  7. catch_33's rating of the film Catfish

    Fascinating film about the dangers of naivety in a tech-obsessed world, and the abundance of anonymity available through social networking. It essentially follows the format of a mystery/detective story, which makes it so intriguing and frightening and resolves itself as a serious cautionary tale. With an extremely tragic conclusion,the deceit continues until differentiating between truth and lies becomes impossible.

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