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  1. Photo of Marvin J. Chomsky

    Marvin J. Chomsky Director and Producer

  2. Photo of John Goldsmith

    John Goldsmith Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Frank Tudisco

    Frank Tudisco Screenplay

  4. Photo of Catherine Zeta-Jones

    Catherine Zeta-Jones Cast

  5. Photo of Paul McGann

    Paul McGann Cast

  6. Photo of Ian Richardson

    Ian Richardson Cast

  7. Photo of Brian Blessed

    Brian Blessed Cast

  8. Photo of John Rhys-Davies

    John Rhys-Davies Cast

  9. Photo of Craig McLachlan

    Craig McLachlan Cast

  10. Photo of Hannes Jaenicke

    Hannes Jaenicke Cast

  11. Photo of Agnès Soral

    Agnès Soral Cast

  12. Photo of Mark McGann

    Mark McGann Cast

  13. Photo of Karl Johnson

    Karl Johnson Cast

  14. Photo of Stephen McGann

    Stephen McGann Cast

  15. Photo of Veronica Ferres

    Veronica Ferres Cast

  16. Photo of Mel Ferrer

    Mel Ferrer Cast

  17. Photo of Jeanne Moreau

    Jeanne Moreau Cast

  18. Photo of Omar Sharif

    Omar Sharif Cast

  19. Photo of Tim McInnerny

    Tim McInnerny Cast

  20. Photo of Horst Frank

    Horst Frank Cast

  21. Photo of Vernon Dobtcheff

    Vernon Dobtcheff Cast

  22. Photo of Christoph Waltz

    Christoph Waltz Cast

  23. Photo of Elemér Ragályi

    Elemér Ragályi Cinematography

  24. Photo of Laurence Rosenthal

    Laurence Rosenthal Music

  25. Photo of Werner Achmann

    Werner Achmann Production Design

  26. Photo of Sarah Horton

    Sarah Horton Production Design

  27. Photo of Konstantin Thoeren

    Konstantin Thoeren Producer and Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Wolf Bauer

    Wolf Bauer Executive Producer and Producer

  29. Photo of Fred Sidewater

    Fred Sidewater Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Petra von Oelffen

    Petra von Oelffen Editing