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  1. Photo of Farid Hümbatov

    Farid Hümbatov Director

  2. Photo of Ada Rogovtseva

    Ada Rogovtseva Cast

  3. Photo of Lyubov Tolkalina

    Lyubov Tolkalina Cast

  4. Photo of Andrei Chernyshov

    Andrei Chernyshov Cast

  5. Photo of Hamida Ömarova

    Hamida Ömarova Cast

  6. Photo of Anvar Valiyev

    Anvar Valiyev Cast

  7. Photo of Elmira Sabanova

    Elmira Sabanova Cast

  8. Photo of Elçin Azizov

    Elçin Azizov Cast

  9. Photo of Milana Mardaxanova

    Milana Mardaxanova Cast

  10. Photo of Vafa Zeynalova

    Vafa Zeynalova Cast

  11. Photo of Zarnigar Agakisiyeva

    Zarnigar Agakisiyeva Cast

  12. Photo of Lamiya Salimova

    Lamiya Salimova Cast

  13. Photo of Tarlan Babayev

    Tarlan Babayev Cinematography

  14. Photo of Telman Mammadov

    Telman Mammadov Cinematography

  15. Photo of Yuri Varnovsky

    Yuri Varnovsky Cinematography

  16. Photo of Rauf Aliyev

    Rauf Aliyev Music